UFO Demon: Freaks Come Out at Night!

UFO Demon: Freaks Come Out at Night!

I have been tracking the so-called UFO phenomenon for decades now and rarely do you have a Minister of the Bible capture the footage. Ironically I told my wife just yesterday how the clouds looked strange to me. In all my years of being alive I have never witnessed the color hues the clouds were displaying. You will see them in the video. What I did see was in my opinion a very explainable flying object.

Watch 6 seconds at the tree line! What IS that?

In the beginning of the video look very closely at the trees. I am not sure what this entity is but it is clearly walking! It must be really tall because it is taller than the tree next to it. It then moves away from the area where the “UFO” are being recorded. This is clearly something moving between two points. The question is: what was the destination of this entity and is this authentic?

I believe the veil between the spiritual and physical realms has been breached. What you are seeing are what is known as a merkaba created by the entity itself. This is why it is changing colors because as the frequency of the merkaba changes so does the color. This is actually nothing new and this merkaba experience has been captured by artist from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. There is a “confidence” now with these entities because their “time” has come. 

1-28-14 Oh my goodness, we have NO IDEA what this is it came STRAIGHT DOWN out of the sky like a Meteor and then started Hovering and just VANISHED! 30 Miles North of Downtown Sacramento! 10 Miles South of Marysville, CA in the NW Sky! Comments?What IS it? 2014 The Year of Miracles, Signs & Wonders!

I believe one day the entire sky will be filled with these things causing mass panic and confusion. This has happened before and according to Ecclesiastes 1:9 there is nothing new under the Sun! These beings are not here to serve the spiritual interest of mankind. You either follow the teachings of Christ or you are antichrist — it is simple as that! Return to His teachings without spin from mankind. As you can see we are on the brink of the unveiling. When this happens it will change everything as we know it. Then it will be truly be the “Days of Noah.”

In closing we have a man who is a student and minister of the Bible capturing what he calls a wonder in the sky. He is correct because many will wonder about this “UFO.” As you can see from the photo gallery this is nothing new. It has been captured for posterity by painters and we are the witnesses of them in the last days. Another important question is: What is changing the colors of the sky? This is part of the secret being used against us. Do you know?

Update 1/29/2014 5:36 pm There appears to be an explanation for the giant entity. You can fast forward to 2:53 and see the plant (same shape) in the video frame. This all changes because of the perspective of the camera and it appears to walk. Do you agree? Some people feel the “tree” is moving.

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