Good Fight: Rips Bruno Mars a New One

Good Fight: Rips Bruno Mars a New One

We are taking a much needed rest after the Grammys and the Super Bowl 48. Theses events took the wind out of my sails and I needed to slip into something more comfortable like a string of naps. There are so many gifted and talented YouTube producers in the truth movement and Good Fight Ministries should be nominated for an Emmy for this particular production. It was so professionally produced and deserves to be featured on prime time television. For now they will have to settle for a feature on the underground digital magazine Revelation Now. 

This production was enlightening to the true nature of Bruno Mars as a pied piper of debauchery. He is selling alcohol, drugs, and promiscuity as the anthem for his generation and younger children. He is preaching a doctrine of lust, altered states and the risk dying young. This appears to be the only way to rise to the top in the music business these days. It is ashamed artist with a wholesome message are delegated to the back of the bus in the music in industry. Bruno Mars croons about cocaine like there are no legal consequences and it is just part of his recipe for passion.  Meanwhile he is killing neurons in his brain and one day he will need a teleprompter to sing.

Now we know why the brotherhood selected him as the flavor of the year . Like all these satanic artistic vending machine candy bars they do not last long. Because these days people have the attention span of a gold fish.  Even Lady Gaga has lost her powerful chart popping power because you can not wear meat clothes forever.  These artist will try to stay relevant by performing with other up and coming artist which clearly worked for Mariah Carey.

There is really no reason to address the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They are so close to Satan they have probably popped the pimples on his back. Both of their former lead guitarist are practicing occultist and have been quoted supporting spiritualism. They abuse mind altering drugs and should have a tattoo which reads, “No vacancies.” In the meantime enjoy the hard work put into this video production.

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Michael Erevna

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