Fake Alien Invasions and The Second Coming

Fake Alien Invasions and The Second Coming

I wrote two years ago, these “UFO” or interdimensional beings would be descending lower and lower after 2012. The galactic alignments after this point would transform the energy dynamic, much like the Schumann resonances. This would allow these beings the “windows” to manifest for longer periods.

For a time the energy grid of the earth was not conducive to allowing these beings entrance into our dimension. This is why archeology has illustrated over vast epochs “advanced” beings would not only appear but interact with mankind and then disappear. Granted many of these physical looking ships are probably us. Do you not think the governments of the world captured, expanded, and  perfected the research and applications of free energy scientist like Nikola Tesla?

Do you think NASA phased out the rocket program and did not have a replacement? Transportation evolved from horse driven carriages to mechanized horses made of steel. Tesla captured energy from the earth’s grid and powered mechanical devices, by now it must be deep into later generations. Read Kurt Vonnegut’s, “Cat’s Cradle” to glean an understanding of the DoD relationship with scientific minds and how they exploit and ferret away technology.

The ancient Greek temple system has now been proven to incorporate an energy capture component into their construction.  It is also understood the alignments of these temples allowed communication no matter how great the distance. This is another example of the manipulation of existing free energy with ancient practical applications. We must also ask ourselves the question if some of these sightings are us?

Advanced science in the realm of free energy has been hidden from the general public and many of the “father” scientist were subsequently ruined by big business or the Dod. Philo Farnsworth is an excellent example of this in addition to Tesla. What we could be witnessing are military exercises in plain view. The Hollywood UFO propaganda machine would be the perfect cover to avert responsibility of the true navigators of this technology.

If you think about it we have seen an evolution of “UFO” since the 1940s. We saw the “foo-fighters” of World War II but also a frequent sighting of metallic UFO. In modern times we see mostly UFO which appear to consist of light. Does this not speak to the evolution of the design based on the progressive maturation of understanding energy?

“If we were visited someday, I wouldn’t be surprised. I just hope that it is not like Independence Day, that it’s a conflict. [Although] that may be the only way to unite this incredibly divided world of ours. ‘They’re out there, we’d better [work together]’ Think of how all the difference among people on earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader. Everybody gets together and makes nice. That is the whole theory of Independence Day.”

– Bill Clinton

* Meanwhile the Bible tells us we are not alone. It speaks of beings created before man. It also tells us of a whole ‘nother universe teaming with spiritual beings. 

The “fake alien” invasion propaganda was leaked to the general public to set an expectation but what does the Bible say? It tells us the Second Coming will be a space base returned or at the least a descending from the sky. We have been prepped to fear anything which appears in mass and even to fight against them. We must be wise as, the perpetrators against mankind, which Christ called them serpents.

The best we can hope for is, we will hear the inner voice, which will act as a spiritual lie detector against the father of lies. Social media allows virtually nothing to be hidden from the masses. We must vet everything which hits our radar (because of Photoshop and digital effects) and pray for discernment. Once we are locked into this new energy paradigm there will be longer visits and finally a more open interaction. We can rest assured the elite (el-ites) have been in communication with these beings and have a plan ready for dummied down America. 

We must also consider some of these sightings are nothing more than space based executed holograms. They certainly would not be considered complex holograms. A basic concept of this was demonstrated in a “Brady Bunch” episode where an illusion was created causing extreme fascination. Perhaps, another purpose of “chemtrails” is to create the backdrop for holograms? We must be vigilant during these times and stay open to all possibilities. 

I would warn against anything foreign in the body like an RFID chip. The total number of cell phone towers in the US, 190,000 and rising. These towers can be configured into an array creating greater transmission power. If the human nerve system ever grows around the RFID chip radio signals could traverse to the brain. Every human thought has an exact frequency signature; and cell towers send out frequency signals using microwave burst.

We can be made to see, hear, and feel things in this manner. Most things born of technology appear to have negative side effects and the RFID chip is no different. Again, we are dealing with the manipulation of energy merged with the human body. We would essentially become receivers and anything from the cell towers to these “UFO” would have the potential to control what we perceive

Perhaps, these UFO will not land until after RFID massive roll out? Again, we return to the theme of energy and the RFID; plus the UFO are both conductors of free electromagnetic energy. Placing nanotechnology into the human body with an antenna because of the promise of better record management is a ruse. It obviously has more applications which are not being promoted. We are being asked to trust government and big business. This combination has a poor track record with integrity and transparency. 

Our current experience is nothing more than an ancient plan unfolding before our eyes and most people are oblivious, in denial, or just do not care. The bottom line is, with these UFO sightings, there is a lack harmony. Meaning they are distinctly separated from interaction with the mass population. The universal systems of the Most High are inclusive and promote unity between all kingdoms…physical and spiritual. Something else is happening with these mass UFO sightings contrary to the Most High…not that He does not have His own, Yahweh’s Angels!

In closing, we must remember Christ and His angels will be returning from the Heavens! Just about every UFO movie you have seen is based on hostile invaders from space. This is partly true about the Second Coming because He is returning to chew bubble gum and kick butt…and He will be all out of bubble gum. We must also remember there is top secret technology which is not shared with the masses. Many of these “sightings” must be human designed and driven. At the end of the day, you must be educated enough in all scenarios yet you be played the fool for not knowing.

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