State of the Black Church in America?

State of the Black Church in America?

Our oldest son was recently in the hospital for a false appendicitis. I spent 12 hours in the emergency room because that is what you do when you go to the emergency room these days. There can be three people in the E.R. and it will always be a long wait. Although, I did not bring my laptop with me, I did remember my Kindle. The hospital staff told me I was so patient and they wish more parents were like me. 

Best friends LC & Roland are two young ministers, climbing the ranks at First Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Dr. Ezekial Canon.

I was not going to tell them I was watching back-to-back movies on my Kindle. On the advice of a friend, I previously downloaded a movie called the “Undershepherd.” It was a fictional account of a black church in the south. It touched on many of the issues plaguing not just the black church but many of the other churches as well. I found a common thread which can be weaved into most churches today.This movie is a yardstick for many of the mega churches today.

This was a movie about the dichotomy between two aspiring youth ministers to become “the” pastor of a large successful church. One of the youth pastors was ambitious and thought it was his time to lead the flock. After 15 years in the shadows of the elderly senior pastor he had enough. The other pastor was a quiet yet charismatic pastor who turned out to succumb to the darkside of the celebrity being a pastor brings.

Powerful poetry based on the true observation of a talented word-smith

He became a megalomaniac and developed a sexual appetite for the ladies in the church. We have seen this with many mega church pastors over the decades. One of the most disturbing was pastor Eddie Long out of Lithonia, Georgia; who preyed upon teenage boys from broken homes. There is another mega church leader who is of the same ilk he is just yet to be busted. Many churches are in this state right now as you read this piece.

I thought it was interesting how the people of the church were also part of the problem. They did not use spiritual discernment nor did they test their spiritual advisor. People seemed so desperate to be followers they forgot to be spiritual leaders themselves, because the kingdom is within all of us. There was also a proclivity toward violence from many of the elders of the church. It was apparent church is also a business with a board of directors. Can you say Sanhedrin? 

Matthew 19:24

“Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

I think some, if not all of these mega churches which turn pastors into celebrities, have the same issues presented in this movie. It is really tough to keep it spiritually real when money is involved. It changes the person and the motives, which feeds the ego causing greed. This is why Jesus told the rich man it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.!

How can any of these filthy rich pastors ever reach the kingdom of God when materialism is the objective? If we could be a fly on the wall at any of these mega churches I am sure we would be shocked. The “Undershepherd” is an excellent movie that illustrates the corruption in the church and how absolute power corrupts. Watch the movie and let me know what you think. 

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