Book of Revelation and Blood Rivers

Book of Revelation and Blood Rivers

Another river has made the ever growing list of “blood” rivers. The people of Nootdorp, Netherlands, were shocked to witness their river flowing with red water. It must be startling to see your river for years in a natural state and then see a bloody river. It certainly makes you question the scripture regarding is this prophecy. Although, there is a scientific explanation for red rivers John saw them as blood.

It is not widely known but the ash from volcanic eruptions can also cause streams and rivers to appear like blood. This is not the case with many of the blood rivers which scientist attribute to toxic algae. This algae known as Euglena sanguinea,  has a specific defense system within the chloroplast cells to prevent burning from intense heat.

Euglena sanguinea is a protist of the genus Euglena. The red colour is due to the presence of astaxanthin and the cells can be populous enough to colour water red. The pigment is used to protect the chloroplasts from light that is too intense, but as the light levels change the cells can take on a green colour as the red pigment is moved to the centre of the cells. Euglena sanguinea is known to make the potent icthyotoxin euglenophycin.a

We are seeing an increase in this red algae because of the irresponsibility of corporations and the lack of stringent laws to curb this red algae feeding pollution.  This red algae feeds on fertilizers, sewage, and manure. We also can not rule out polluted rains which contribute to this red algae feeding. In my opinion, this is an excellent indicator of pollution gone awry. It should also present an opportunity to fine corporations by municipalities. 

Revelation 16:4

The third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood.

What a way to build a case! I wish the seat cushions for air passengers would turn red if a passenger passes gas in their seat. Then the airline could take away their frequent flier miles or put them on a watch-list but I digress!  I think it is amazing John prophesied about this bloody river time. True, the rivers are not actually blood but he used the best descriptive word to convey the state of the water. He did not know the negligence of man’s pollution would be the culprit but he was able to identify the time Revelation 16:4 would apply.

Blood rivers just illustrate how spot on prophecy is because global pollution had to coalesce into many rivers turning blood red. It would be different if blood rivers were contained into one geography but we are seeing this manifest in many continents. Many people say this is divine intervention and I would have to agree. Did the Most High not create the algae that turns water red? The beauty is this algae was activated by the irresponsibility of man in the pursuit of profits. 

We can expect to see more blood rivers and more punishment from the Most High. The weather war declared on mankind from the Most High is off to a destructive start. Soon you will see 100 tornadoes in 24 hours! This year’s destruction will be wind and water because America has divested herself from the Most High. Now America is tolerant and worships many gods while celebrating man’s laws.

In closing, John spoke of time when the rivers would appear as blood. John, made a point to say many rivers and we are witnessing it now. We also know the science behind the blood river is the “Euglena sanguinea” and it needed the pollution of our time to proliferate. This algae is global and feeding right now and we can expect another blood river very soon. The winds of destruction have been unleashed on the earth and the Most High is not happy with the men on the earth. Finally, here is some free advice — do not swim in the red water it will make you ill

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