Lupita Nyongo:12 Years a Shapeshifter?

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Lupita Nyong’o won best supporting actress for her role as Patsey, in the critically acclaimed movie, “12 Years a Slave.” Patsey,  was a slave who was the object of her brutal master’s sexual obsessions. After winning her Oscar she has become the darling of Hollywood and was even declared one of the most beautiful women in the world. The Hollywood machine has heavily rewarded Lupita for keeping slavery in the forethoughts of the American people. 

If Hollywood is a coven run by satanist then we can assume her rise to stardom was orchestrated because she is one of them. Or, on the other side of the coin, she is a quite accomplished actor/producer who received her master’s degree in acting from the Yale School of Drama. We have two competing scenarios when it comes to Hollywood. One is people who work hard and pay their dues can make it to the top and the other is nobody makes it to the top without the blessing from Hollywood occultist.

All I know for sure from my trusted sources in the entertainment business is you go into the business as a heterosexual and you eventually become bi-sexual. I have verified top 20 actors have so many anus maintenance products in their bathroom you would think they were porn stars. Would Lupita’s experience be any different? Is becoming bi-sexual part of the ritual to stardom? Is that the trade off? Walking home “bo-legged” after a long night of paying your dues?

One YouTube producer has captured an entirely strange phenomenon with the bicuspids of Lupita. In other words she at times appears to have vampire teeth. The bicuspids shapeshift between normal and vampire! What is the cause of this is the question? Is it the speed of the digital video making the teeth bleed into the vampire shape? Many independent researchers believe we are living among another species of humanoid creation.

Some call them the offspring of fallen angels while others claim they are the seed of the serpent. There is justification to these theories if the literal interpretation of sacred text are to be believed. Before the creation of man there were other beings created who have a history of rebelling and a hatred of mankind. Is it not plausible to believe these beings would figure out how to be worshiped in plain sight?

Is the craft of acting not the perfect vehicle for being adored world wide? Actors are treated as royalty wherever they go no matter the true nature of the content of their character. Child rapist like Roman Polanski can still walk on stage to the applause of the crowd. It reminds me of a scene in the movie the “Matrix” where the betrayer Cypher told Agent Smith to return him to the pod. He asked to be someone important, “Like an actor.”

I am not sure if Lupita’s teeth are really shapeshifting but I am keeping an open mind. If we are to believe the many twisted tales of Hollywood debauchery we must accept the fact the occult is the foundation. From there we can progress into the many blood thirsty habits of these insane people. In my opinion, I am not sure why Lupita received the Oscar. I did not find her performance groundbreaking but what do I know . . . I am just a writer.

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher
of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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  • Abbie

    really? i thought this would have been with more groundbreaking evidence but it comes across as superstuition to me! revelationnet huh? well this isnt revealing anything to me…

    • Why does it have to be groundbreaking? It is an editorial and analysis of a YouTube producers work. It is meant to ask questions and define if this is plausible. How did you miss that?

      • shero

        grow up. but ask questions. cut it out man, give it a rest already. you’re covering your failed attempt of not having tangible proof. “ifs” arent tangible. now you ask yourself, how did you miss that????

  • shero

    ur lame for that sorry attempt; jelly much; try doing something more productive with your life and leave celebrities alone. ga-leeee mate