The Wonderful World of Wonky Watchmen

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There is a growing number of self appointed “watchmen” who have taken it upon their shoulders to “wake” people up. The problem is they are not truly awake themselves. It appears to be a psychological condition where they believe “God” has chosen them to focus and share all the fear they can find.

They set up pages where they can port all of the fear-based news and inundate the consciousness of people with it. All under the mantle of waking people up. Is this even Biblically sound? What are the guidelines for being a watchman? It appears anyone can be a self appointment watchman and there is nothing more dangerous than this.

They claim by showing others the fear people will run to the teachings of Christ. The irony is fear is not a part of the Kingdom of the Most High. There are no lessons where Christ taught fear to draw people to His Kingdom. Christ does not want you in a state of fear.

The Bible uses the role of a watchman to describe the work of a prophet among God’s people. Is there more to this symbolism than many have understood?

Christ advised all of us to follow His ways and His commandments. So if the watchman “fear obsession” is not part of the Kingdom of Christ . . . then whose is it? These watchmen are actually inadvertent marketers of the Satanic Kingdom. By using fear they are separating people from the true path in name of Christ!

I have been told by a self appointed lady watchman that fear can be used to bring people to Christ. Where is the logic in this when the Word tells us we were not given the spirit of fear? If the Most High is love how can fear be a part of Him? These self appointed watchmen have no training in the true path yet they present themselves ordained by the Most High.

What is the fruit of these fear chasing watchmen? If we take an unsuspecting person who is introduced to these watchmen, what is the effect? When they hear the US Government is going to incarcerate you or FEMA is building deluxe camps to house you. How many of you checked your mail box for color coded dots to see if you had been marked for incarceration many years ago?

How many of you heard underground aliens were coming to your home to abduct you? Or how many saw the video of the sounds of hell from the Russian oil drilling company? How can you hear all of these things and stay in a state of love? Because this is what Christ wants for us all . . . to achieve a state of love.

Christ was the ultimate watchmen yet he did not preach about fear to draw people to His Kingdom. Believe, He could have yet He did not because there is no place for fear in His Kingdom. Christ could have preached about the Roman Empire’s barbaric legal system control methodologies from beheadings to crucifixions.

There were so many negatives about the Roman Empire He could have mounted innumerous sermons on fear driven topics. Christ did not do these things because He taught of spiritual things and not the physical. In essence, these watchmen of today are teaching people to focus on the physical. The lessons Christ taught were for mankind to transcend the physical and tap into our collective spiritual power. Why should I concern myself with these fear based stories when I have no power to stop them? How can I apply fear based outcomes to my spiritual life? In the end these watchmen contribute to conflict and separation in the name of Christ.

One watchman (lady) in particular I will never forget. She was a self appointed watchman or watch-woman, who within 24 hours of knowing me (online), that she was “pissed” at me for a difference of opinion. If you are truly filled with the Holy Spirit you would not behave in this manner. You be filled with peace, love, and understanding.

James 3:11

Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?

You would realize Christ driven truth seekers are at different points on the road and anger has no part in this journey to love. Facebook is a journey into narcissism and gives people a voice that truly did not need one. I had a reader of mine send me an article on Alex Jones from In this article a writer ousted Alex Jones as controlled opposition. It was very well written and clearly presented the case.

I first noticed how was not attacked as was. The shills did not touch the comment section. Alex Jones has tried to set himself up as a watchman but the teachings of Christ and Alex Jones are like snake oil in water. A real watchman is going to represent Christ and “watch” for spiritual things and not just physical.

These watchmen of today scour the Internet for fear based news and then spin it. While saying see look how bad things are…Christ needs you. How does this even tie in with faith? We are told not to become anxious over anything yet these watchmen keep people anxious.

This is part of the plan of the Satanic Kingdom. To keep you in a state of anxiousness and fear so you can not reach harmony with the Kingdom within. If you have fear you have no faith! Fear breeds doubt, insecurity, hate, and separation from the Kingdom; all in the name of the Most High according to these self appointed watchmen.

They are so delusional even after reading this post they will find a way to continue peddling fear research in the name of Christ. This is why Christ said many will come in my name and these self appointed watchmen are included.  A real watchman would “watch” the Word instead of chasing fear like a dog to the mail man. In fact, watchmen in the Bible were actually prophets! Chosen men who attained a state of mind to communicate with the Most High. 

The question is what should watchmen be actually watching for? If the Bible is a spiritual book should they not be watching for spiritual things? If you can not see these spiritual things then you are not a watchman. If you must focus on nothing but physical news where is your spiritual mind?

There is a spiritual conscious transformation on this planet right now and more people are waking up . . . to spiritual things. There is an understanding prophecy must unfold and that part is God’s business and not ours. We are to work on ourselves now and evolve spiritually. This means strengthening our faith in the unseen. I envy people who had a near-death-experience because they know there is life after the physical. In fact, it is so much better most people have to be forced to return to the physical!

Then why is there a preoccupation with the physical from these self-appointed watchmen? Do you see the fallacy of their minds? They are just as dangerous as a demon taking you off the path toward Christ. They just do it in His name! Once you begin to progressively mature in spiritual matters these people will stand out like a sore thumb.

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher
of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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  • Keith O’Reilly Morison

    A very valid point. I don’t believe one should totally ignorant of what is happening around us (that would be extremely difficult for me as I take a keen interest in geopolitics) because most of it is prophecy in action. As Jesus himself said “when you see these things happening …” But, yes, I totally agree that we are not to be obsessed and indeed if we claim to be the children of the Living God, then there is no place for fear. In fact the Bible tells us fear is akin to sin. May I just add, the things that people obsess about should actually bring us extreme joy as we should be “looking up for our redemption is near …..” Good one Michael!

    • Keith with the way the news is structured I think it is impossible to be totally ignorant. I am speaking for people who own a TV! I believe people must understand prophecy must happen but there are exemption clauses for those who are truly and fearlessly walking the path. The real question is how do we apply all this fear awareness to our lives? You got it right with fear and sin. I have a good laugh when I hear people talk about global death and destruction and then say, “I am not spreading fear here folks!” We must figure out how to train our thoughts by Faith on His promises!

  • loNe

    ..very well written
    Such a complicated topic..
    – its true, that most of these are being led by the nose from non-event to non-event.. up till the point that even ‘a swarm of locusts appearing in the negev’ is seen as a genuine sign of Revelations, etc..
    Never before, there was so huge war about the “I” of those souls, who are attent to these times of the end… – and, in context of your article, sadly most [!] watchmen mistakenly use their ‘i ‘ to “discern whát is happening everywhere” –
    yet it is exactly the i which is Most Susceptible for Traps and Lies [read: sorcery] ..
    – the desire, from éveryones Soul, “to stand in an Unique relationship with Him” [and that desire is justified !] , is so strong, that, wrongfully, the “I” is being used to éxecute that desire ,
    …resulting in hosts of ‘watchmen who get personal messages or words from Him ” –
    but if one listens better, those ‘words’ and ‘messages’ are totally Heartless, or senile, or Proud, – showing it is the false lion-messiah Sekhmet again… – others “get words” about present ‘israel’: another indicator that its but Sekhmet whispering to them…
    .. many are in the Hype of ‘stocking up food’, or china invading the US, or the israel-hoax, all those things go work into the súbconsciousness as well: and people ‘get dreams about whatever wars’ and attribute those dreams ‘being from Him’ :
    it is an Absolute Mess
    worse: esau knóws that : and cáuses events or news, to bríng these people upon the false Track.. and then sits back gleefully, watching how thousands of believers run after his next hype..
    – the problem is that cursed “I” – and both the Dark realm and esau, Its henchmen do nothing else but provide food to kéep that I alive – instead of that I dying: because He hátes the I : it is the I which is directly powered by the Dark realm, herself
    – and áll of the fabricated distraction of world-events, is nothing else but 1 huge satans Theatre –
    there wont háppen ‘war’, or a crash, or arab invasion of israel, or ány of those things:
    ..but the entire Scheme is devised to have believers Distracted UNTILL IT IS TOO LATE- and that horrible Dimension will have enveloped Earth.
    – thén ‘they’ will let Crash everything.
    Not 1 minute sooner.
    ..cause thats who they work for: the risenAtlantis dimension ;
    = the first white horse,
    think of the arrival of that dimension, akin to the tower of Babel: another consciousness came upon the peoples
    and the Dark realm would want to imprison the 144,000 as well:
    would It succéed, to Trap all the 144,000 in Its dimension, then there will BE NO ‘rapture’ [for lack of better expression] ,
    and wont BE no 1000 y Kingdom, etc
    ..thats why Its goal is to Distract :
    with false events, non-events, mimicking genuine prophecy events; using Egos who claim to ‘ have been chosen by Him ‘ but telling Harsh, heartless, false words, mixed with signatures in what the Egyptian pantheon [Gog] can be recognized –
    get rid of that I
    all you lovelies who visit this site
    yes that will hurt
    and leave the Soul helpless
    but His overcomers share that same one thing, to can escape this horrible matrix: they DIED
    – to their I
    nothing else will do
    …and HE will be your ‘I ‘, soon
    i m sorry it got too long
    much bless
    …thanks for the article Michael

    • Sole

      *but His overcomers share that same one thing, to can escape this horrible matrix: they DIED
      – to their I
      nothing else will do*

      very true


      what overcomers?

      that “i” won’t let them to die..

      only ego imagined “dying” empowered by It

      oh..the “i” and It’s Maker…has that one well covered… It surely loves self glorified, fairy tale dying, amongst those who declare to know Him…the ego loves to do It’s will


    • Sole

      all you say is true..without error

      thank you

  • loNe

    added [30 mins later]
    …i only very occasionally ‘get’ a Verse ,
    [so much at distance He is, these months] ,
    but this one popped up – and such an unexpected one that i even had to go look it up, ” for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.”
    i ve looked it up, for context, “Aramaic Bible in Plain English
    “[After this I will not be speaking much with you], for The Prince of the world is coming and he has nothing to use against me.”
    ..perhaps that is related to the “I” ..? because the prince, Osiris, only can “get a hold onto the I, the Ego, of a person”..?
    – which He hadnt, ofcourse
    …perhaps ‘the prince of this world coming’ is directly related..