Gay Agenda Will DESTROY the US and Israel

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I penned a post in April 2014, regarding my theory how the LGBT movement will destroy America. My theory stated because of the lack of duality of same sex couplings an imbalance of energy is being created. This is an ancient satanic practice which has been traced back to the Sumerian goddess Inanna/Ishtar; a.k.a., “Easter.” We have been conditioned to accept the LGBT agenda by politicians and to turn our heads . . . as if it does not affect us. This is so far from the truth! When the rest of America realizes the truth of the matter it will be too late!

The Most High gave us the social recipes to keep us cooking up good societies. Now the recipe has been changed and there will be consequences. This is the main problem is that people do not think the Most High is real because if they did none of this would be happening. The only thing we need to fear on earth is His wrath and we are going to get it. I guarantee you the majority of the “men” whose hearts will fail when Christ returns will be gay men. Deep down in their core they know this is wrong when it comes to the Word. 

Read this: Dark Energy Behind the LGBT Earth Curse

They have chosen to change the Word to suit their own sexual needs. Now the “church” has followed suit and are making escape clauses so same sex unions are “blessed.” Can you imagine the wrath this is creating in the Most High? He already has systems to correct all of this dysfunction. People must understand America is in the cross-hairs of Angels sent to execute wind, water, and fire destruction of the earth.

Gay parade in Israel. Many claim Israel runs the US. These are the so-called chosen people!

I wrote my previous piece with “energy” in mind to present a case of imbalanced energy being trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. As a result the Most High will respond with corrections in the form of extreme weather and other earth destruction. I simply wanted to present my theory in the hope others would find evidence or a correlation. Lo and behold, a YouTube produced spliced together some great footage to further build the case!

We are going to see even more of this because of President Obama’s Executive Orders are cementing the LGBT agenda into Federal legislation. So all of you people who say things like “I do not want to judge . . . ” or “what’s wrong if two people love each other?” You are going to find out what is wrong with it. The Most High is going to release so much destruction against the US for spreading spiritual dysfunction across the globe. 

Everybody in America is overly concerned with ISIS and Israel (although Israel is no stranger to homosexuality) when there is a quiet social cancer spreading throughout America. People do not believe Sodom and Gomorrah was real; or the wrath of the Most High was because of unnatural acts between men and women. To the point the gay mob wanted to “run-a-train” on Angels.  It was to the point Abraham could not find 10 heterosexual men in the city!

Because of the video we have some evidence of repercussions from the Most High surrounding the LGBT agenda. Think of how merciful the Most High is because he is watching this LGBT thing happen again while infiltrating His temples. He could destroy us at a moments notice but He knows this is a result of  dark spiritual forces . . . so He is waiting. We are seeing a giant gay spirit infiltrate the minds of these confused men and women. I take comfort in the fact these LGBT disciples know deep down the Word is not with them. 

All of America is rallying to partake of this new LGBT economic opportunity. Fashion designers are making dresses for men including accessories. Reality TV shows have sprang forth to glamorized same sex confusion. Fast food establishments like Burger King are now slinging a “Proud Whopper” wrapped in the stolen rainbow. I say that because the Most High created the rainbow and left it as a sign to mankind He would never flood us again. The next time will be fire.

In closing we need to take a closer look at Israel. I do not think we know enough about them. Who would think the LGBT parade would have the freedom to parade in a nation which declares themselves the “chosen people.” A nation which allegedly loves and upholds the laws of the Most High. All I can say is after watching the video of them (by them I mean gay people) in Israel . . . something does not smell right!

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher
of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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    2 more blogs. One is an Israeli atheist. He has good information. But keep in mind he’s not a believer.

    • Thanks Kittii – I plan on reviewing the sites this weekend. Truth comes in many forms so I do not get caught up in the people. I just know when to recognize truth. John 7:24


    The Jewish people are no different than anyone else. The don’t know Jesus. We all get to heaven the same way. They should not be elevated.

    • They claim to be the “chosen people.”

      • Jan de Hoopf

        Well I think you’re wrong there. Not saying Isreal is a God fearing people at the moment, but the arrogance of your comment is the same arrogance which lead to the holocaust.

        People here in Europe thought the same, that the Jews weren’t special whatsoever and that they killed Christ.

        Please read Romans 11, then you see that you have te be really carefull on this subject. In particular verse 18:

        “do not be arrogant toward the branches. If you are, remember it is not you who support the root, but the root that supports you.”

        The chapter will explain what they mean with the branches etc.

        Verse 28:
        As concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, they arebeloved for the fathers’ sakes.

        Yes the don’t know Jesus in the way we do, but in the end they will. God has another plan for His people, and we must be thankfull that the Jews failed to recognize our God walking on earth at that time. Because this chapter explains if they did recognize them, then we wouldnt have become saved.

        You have some mindblowing articles, but this comment is a dissapointment for me. Not because your thoughts on Israel, but your thoughts on the Jews.

        Just read the whole chapter.


        • I have no “arrogance” in this article. As I said before and I will say it again. This is about the energy being expended by the LGBT agenda and how the Most High will rebalance it. You have clearly missed this post.

          To suggest I am supporting the “holocaust” is overly dramatic on your part. I am supporting the Most High and His ancient track record against LGBT cultures.

          Furthermore, the Word tells us there are a people who claim to be Jews but are not. Israel supporting the LGBT culture is a red flag. Especially, when they claim to be chosen.

          The Word also tells us these false Jews are from the Synagogue of Satan. That should say it all. It says a lot the world is unaware of Israel becoming the Mecca for the LGBT agenda.

          You can avoid these facts if you like but that is called denial. Just the fact you used the holocaust defense based on this article says much about your perception.

          You would be well served to identify the false Jews and separate yourself from them. Whatever the Most High brings will be much worse than the holocaust.

          In closing, I suggest you learn about the human body and how we emit energy. Where does it go? Does it collect? If so how does the Most High deal with it? The answers are there if you truly seek truth.

          Peace be with you.

          PS: Thanks for the shoutout about previous articles being “mind-blowing!” It is nice to be occasionally appreciated.

        • fp

          the holocaust was born of the belief that those who are not apart of the little doctrine of men cult = goyim aka animals. those that say they are Hebrews but are not…are puked out of every nation because of their behavior. which is quite devilish. they do not even practice Torah in great numbers.

          this assertion is not in keeping with the official story..

          but the Truth never is…

      • guest

        they are the synagogue of satan. the true Hebrews were held as slaves for 400 years. KJV Genesis 15:13-14 and KJV Acts 7:6-7. those that say they are Hebrews but are not = Gentiles. Scriptures teaches clearly that Ashkenazim = Gentiles.

        the Chosen ones are Chosen to give the Law to the nations. KJV Genesis 49:8-10. not for any other reason.

        those that now claim to be Hebrews but are not…

        cornered the slave trade.

        the deception is devilish through and through. white supremacy blinds most…

  • lone

    sorry…. – that agenda isnt a ‘threat’, at ALL

    it is merely the foreshadowing of the Androgyn nature of the Osiris dimension which is upon us… the False Light one….first white horse


    see the MH17 Ritual… the continuation of MH370… same epithets…. ment as Ritual, to open the Gate from east to west…. and make way for that Dimension
    ” MH17 brought MH370 across the Euphrates to the West”

    • Revelation Now Staff

      Is not a threat? How do you figure?


    I posted those links on her other post on transgendersim today. What got me going off on this subject again??????????????? There’s an agenda going on. This was on yahoo today.

  • Lord Thou knowest all things

    God loves gays as well as all sinners. Jesus shed His blood and died for them all. ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. When we single out homosexuality as the sin that brings judgment, in a sense we give adulterers a pass.

    • 2 Chronicles 7:1421st Century King James Version (KJ21)
      14 if My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.