High Frequency Ankh and the Melanin Super Suit

High Frequency Ankh and the Melanin Super Suit

Most of us who are familiar with the ankh recognize it as being Egyptian in origin. This is a common fallacy because Sumerian artifacts are depicted holding ankhs as well. Many believe it is the “key to life” because of what archaeologists and historians have told us. We are told it is nothing more than a symbol. I even had a friend tell me it is a “pagan” symbol associated with Anubis, the god of the dead.

Little did he know it was the original cross sported by the earliest Christians of the Coptic Church. Yes, the Coptic Cross has its origins from the ankh. We have been relying on information shared with us which contains a degree of truth but not the whole truth. As we progressively mature through what the Bible calls the “Last Days” more truth is coming out. Ironically, one of the truths of the Mayan December 21, 2012 predictions was it would be the transformation of human consciousness.



This means new insights are being made by those who are being transformed. You will find the ankh will fall under this umbrella. If you research the ankh in the ancient times you will find it in the hands of the “gods.” Modern day archeologist will have you believe the “gods” carried them around as a badge to symbolize the key of life. Do you really believe a “god” needed a badge? If you saw someone flying through the air would you ask to see their badge?

The Sumerians and the Egyptians are seen holding ankhs of various sizes and shapes. The Sumerians held a wider one without the shaft while the Egyptians would carry ones with shafts as well as staffs. These various ankhs were always touching the skin. Why would they always be touching the skin. Why were they not dangling from the clothes? There is a relationship between skin contact and the ankh.

When Napoleon accompanied French scientist to ancient Egypt they left there with a wealth of Egyptian science. Some of the science has stayed in the dark because “they” could not unlock it; however, many patents were filed soon after! Mostly in electronics and circuitry! This fact alone should have you reflecting on how an ancient civilization could influence the origin of electronics in our modern age.


On July 1, 1798, Napoleon landed in Egypt with 400 ships and 54,000 men and proceeded to invade the country, as he had recently invaded Italy. But this Egyptian invasion was to be different. For, in addition to soldiers and sailors, Napoleon brought along 150 savants — scientists, engineers and scholars whose responsibility was to capture, not Egyptian soil, but Egyptian culture and history. And while the military invasion was an ultimate failure, the scholarly one was successful beyond anyone’s expectations. Source


Soon after Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta (February 18, 1745 – March 5, 1827) was an Italian physicist known for the “invention” of the battery in the 1801. In honor of his work, Volta was made a count by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1801. His image was depicted upon the Italian 10,000 lira note (no longer in circulation, since the lira has been replaced by the euro) along with a sketch of his well-known voltaic pile. Volta was able to glean knowledge from the principles of the djed and was given sole credit for one of the greatest inventions of our time.

Ironically, Napoleon recovered an Egyptian pillar, but also thought to be a battery known as a djed. Volta, did not give credit to the source as well. So the ancient origin of the battery has been given credit to another . . . much like Columbus discovering America. Much of the ancient Egyptian science is cloaked in allegory but with scientific goggles it is easy to connect the dots. I will not delve into this allegory but we can see the product of it is actually also scientific in nature.

There are ankhs depicted with the djed housed at the bottom of the ankh meaning the ankh was actually powered by low level electricity. So why would the “gods” carry around an electrical device? This is where things get interesting because the more we mature scientifically the more dots can be connected. The University of Queensland (Australia) has discovered melanin has electrical properties and its biologically compatible “bioelectronic” features. Meaning melanin is a natural bioconductor of electricity and magnetism.

Now we can deduce the “gods” were extremely dark skinned because they were holding an electric ankh for a reason. Their skin acted as a natural super-suit where we only need to read about the abilities of the “gods” to understand the connection. This further strengthens the case the dark-skinned origin of ancient Egypt. Napoleon and his scientist were unable to realize the power of the ankh in their own hands because a lack of melanin. Mind you squid ink is currently being used on actual circuit boards; just to give you idea of how dark melanin needs to be for maximum effectiveness.

The ankh was a low voltage high frequency generator and when held in the hand of a highly melanized person produced an electromagnetic field around the body. What happens to the brainwaves when introduced to this field? What happens to the DNA of a human in the field? These are mysteries to us because the French scientist were unable to reproduce the effect or if they did it has been suppressed. When you read about the capabilities of the so-called Egyptian gods it begs the question: can we replicate their capabilities? Do we even want to?

I have a theory if the “elite” hide something from the masses it is because it would benefit the masses in some way. There seems to be a connection to dark-skinned humans in the beginning and the more science matures the more capabilities they are finding with melanin. It is almost if melanin acts as a biological super suit . . . if activated or should I say powered?. If so, dark-skinned people might be deemed a potential threat if they return to the ankh science. And for the record, I am talking about extremely dark-skinned blacks which would make Wesley Snipes appear light skinned!

I wonder about the true skin tone of Moses and because he was raised as an Egyptian and if his staff was equipped with an ankh? People have the tendency to vilify all of the Egyptian experience as if the Most High was not there…but He was. I encourage people to begin to design their own ankhs with a frequency modulator and test it with dark-skinned people. We know the Bible is wrought with technology like the Arc of the Covenant, sonic science bringing down the walls of Jericho,  and now we should explore the ankh.

To say the ankh is inherently evil is wrong. A gun is not evil when it is used to hunt (as long as you are not the animal) for food but it can be if it takes human life. Good and evil is a matter of perception and it also comes down to intentions. Could the ankh be used for healing? According to Egyptian text the ankh was also used for healing. All I can say is more research and testing need to go into the ankh as a low voltage high frequency generator. The ankh science reminds me of CERN because CERN utilizes an electromagnetic “push” to make matter move faster. The ankh has a similar capability with the gap the spark must jump over . . . continually, which creates the electromagnetic field.

In closing, the ankh needs to be revisited as a device more so than just symbol. The French scientist who raided the tombs soon provided other scientific minds with the spring-well into electronics. The University of Queensland has discovered melanin is an unparalleled natural superconductor. This means highly melanized people have the same capability. Combining highly melanized people with low voltage high frequency generators  might unlock ancient mysteries about the human body. This will also strengthen the case the earliest Egyptian dynasties were highly melanized people.

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