Beyonce Fearless, Feminist, But Not Baphometless!

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I wanted to let the dust settle after the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and see if anyone else in the blogosphere caught on to Beyonce’s costumes. People are so busy riding the bra straps of Beyonce they are unable to “see” what is really happening. During her Superbowl 47 performance Beyonce wore a leather “onesie” embroidered with the Baphomet sigil. Hey, you have to wear a uniform when you work at Denny’s and service to Satan is no different.

While the general populace was mesmerized by her dry humping a chaise lounge and air humping (also known as twerking but it is really just air humping) while occasionally lip synching; I caught on to the same old tricks of the trade. Beyonce had on a leotard with the usual suspect configured over her solar plexus. If you look clearly you will see the Baphomet . . . again. What is new right? This is not an accident. The thing about Satanism is it seems quite harmless because it does not seem threatening on the outside.

What Beyonce has done has turned her entire act into something you can see at a strip club. This is just plain old vanilla strip club “dance” moves and motifs. She has influenced 2 generations now with debauchery and sold sex as normal as a handshake. This night she was being rewarded with the “Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.” In my opinion, even IF Michael Jackson is in Heaven he is in hell because he got his real nose back but I digress.

What happens to all of the Beyonce fans who saw the leotard but did not register the Baphomet image consciously? Well, they were imprinted subconsciously and this conditions them to associate the Baphomet with what Beyonce represents. It allows the Satanic virus to spread and infect the spirituality of the people. This is why she must have the satanic sigil on her costumes. I believe at this point she knows exactly what she is doing and who she is serving.

Plato said, “If you want to measure the spiritual depth of a society then show me their music.” Plato would look and listen to Beyonce and label our society’s spiritual depth as ho’s. We are to the point in America we are no better than a $3 dollar ho. We can thank Miley Cyrus for that one. Beyonce has allowed herself to be taken over spiritually because there is no way a follower of the Most High would willingly sport the Baphomet sigil. Everybody reading this who rides the bra straps of Beyonce needs to get off them because you are following the loser in the Bible . . . read the last book.

Blown up picture and inverse color burn of the Baphomet on Beyonce


In closing I have to give it up to Beyonce. She must be fearless because she has no fear of the wrath of the Most High. You must be fearless to brazenly offend Him like this. Whatever Satan said to her it must be powerful lies; like the Most High has Alzheimer disease? I am not sure why she claims she is feminist because she makes women who follow her seem like stripper supporters. At the end of day, she is nothing more than a satanic teacher. She is truly killing her fans softly.

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    Luckily there are more Christians putting the pieces together in videos to educate others from a Christian perspective. They can’t jail, target, and kill all of the these people like they did: John Todd, Fritz Springmeier, Bill Cooper and Rueven Schossen alias Roi Tov It Used to be it was just Black muslims like Professor Griff in the music industry educating the black community about this. There’s 2 parts to this. Each part is over an hour long.


    Black Child’s You Tube channel had to be changed to “The Black Child” because supposedly they were violating copyright rules. They have a lot of educational videos


    I never knew this guy Katt Williams until this week. I saw him on cable. He uses a lot of swear words in his jokes, but actually he’s talking very seriously about so many things and he’s covering it up in a joking matter to try to get the message across, even though the audience is laughing. . He uses Jesus name a lot too.



    This You Tube channel is Christian and explains who Dave Chappelle is. I didn’t know who his is.


    Wikipedia says Katt Willaims was Williams temporarily joined the Nation of Islam before reverting to Christianity. Here’s that You Tube I was referring to that I saw him on cable.


    In my previous articles of The Crazies and The Crazies Pt. II, I spoke very extensively on how the Illuminati elite controls the entire entertainment industry and anyone that dares to speak against their satanic agenda would be punished through public media humiliation, imprisonment and, in many cases, death. The most bullied of truth tellers, however, always seems to be successful black comedians. In the past, we have seen many respected professionals of this field succumb to the deadly pressures of Hollywood and the occult that lies beneath it. On continuing with this series, I will only be focusing on the career of just one man, Katt Williams.

  • xcalibur

    you guys are seriously deluded… please get help, professional help