Jennifer Lopez, Rump Shaking and Reptilian Eyes

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Jennifer Lopez (JLO) is known as a triple threat because she acts, sings, and dances. She started off just dancing and after her role in the movie “Selena” her star was lit and it has never stopped burning. One of her biggest assets is her backside and the word is even that is insured. I remember watching a video by Roger Morneau where he said there is a demonic spiritual power behind all of these stars . . . not just talent. Jennifer Lopez’s first husband was blocked from releasing a tell all book where he alleges Jennifer was a member of the cult of Santeria.

This is old news in the blogoshere but it is said she placed spells on all of her boyfriends and spells to secure movie roles for herself.  Santeria uses the spirits to control the outcome of your desires and even has a child demon that will kill its target. I have heard these rumors for years about JLO; however, you will never hear them discussed in the tabloids. Quite frankly, this latest video of her and Iggy Azalia is a step back in her career. It is ashamed JLO feels Miley Cyrus is a competitor because JLO decided to break out her buns in order to make a statement.

She removed all of her class and dignity to strip down and hump air like a stripper and she is a mother! I decided to step through the video and I did catch a few questionable frames where her pupils appeared as slits. I wonder if it was because of the motion and the stop frame? I was unable to recreate the effect in subsequent frames only these. Is it possible these celebrities are sharing their bodies with serpent beings spoken of in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth?

Remember in the 8th tablet where Thoth spoke of serpent beings from another vibration underneath the earth? He said they could be banished with a certain frequency. Is a side effect from serpent possession the slit pupils from time to time? I am not sure about the slits in the eyes of JLO because like I said maybe it was using stop frame to capture it. Maybe, this is legitimate and I am just not sure. We cannot dismiss the allegations she is a member of Santeria.

Listent to the 8th tablet Emerald tablet of Thoth

I interviewed a woman who grew up in a practicing Santeria household and she was forced to drink the blood of a chicken while a priestess danced around the room. It was filled with clouds of smoke and people danced around in a circle. She testified she witnessed their eyes change and their face transform. She rebelled from her families religion and became a Christian. She said the demons and the spirits are real and they certainly will possess you especially if you offer yourself.

Is JLO possessed and a practicing member of Santeria? I am not sure but where there is smoke there is fire! She has certainly prospered during her entertainment career. I have a theory for anyone that reaches her level most make a pact with the dark forces of this world. The Bible speaks of the seed of the serpent and the Emerald tablets of Thoth speak of serpent men from another vibration. There must be a connection between these two ancient scrolls and there must be a tangible serpent which can vibrate into the host otherwise known as possession.

In closing JLO is now a suspect in this spiritual war based on her alleged affiliations with Santeria and now slit pupils in a photograph. We can only hope I am wrong and JLO is not mixed up in this dark spiritual madness. If she is she is using occult rituals for power and beauty that all involve blood sacrifice. The Most High and His Son will frown upon her and in the end JLO will end up in the lower realms of suffering. Perhaps, “JLO” is a good nickname for her after all?

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher
of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.


    I watched that video too. Pretty sad. I thought is was a degrading video too. She’s promoting this stuff, by making it. Virginia did a post on J Lo and Santeria back in August. I just like to connect up like minded people. It lets others know they are not alone in what they believe and are finding out. Christians don’t want to hear this stuff. I’m between churches and I think if I’m going to attend one, I’m going to have to keep my mouth shut.

    • God Over Money

      You dont need to go to church


    The Black Child channel is very educational on the subjects you and Virginia post on. They had to change their channel name, because they got shut down. I heard You Tube is very particular about copy rights.


    In the Know7’s.wordpress is not posting anymore. He’s had over 8 million views. He documented on all of this Mind control Beta Sex Kitten programming in the media. I guess he moved on and felt like it wasn’t necessary anymore. He did a lot of posts. he did posts on the Vatican, Disneyland, as well as Sarah Palin.


    You know what is really stupid is when people will leave comments below the You Tubes demanding proof of the information. Why don’t they look up the information on the internet themselves. They don’t want to know the truth. There’s lots of proof of human trafficking, even in Israel. The You Tube Gilad Atzmon posted was terminated, but there’s lots of others. There’s not just one on this subject, even in Israel.

  • God Over Money

    what are your impressions of tablets of thoth? They seem real.who wrote them was it satan hzimself? Do you beleive in a hall of records and a ship underneath pyramid. Nothing would surprise. Tablets can be very effective for non believers of god n jesus.

    • They appear to be authentic based on my research. I doubt Satan wrote them because they expose the seed of the serpent and a kingdom divided cannot stand. I think most if not all of the artifacts under ancient Egypt have already been collected. Many men came before Jesus who spoke the truth. It does not diminish the Power of Christ.

      • God Over Money

        So you think thoth may not be evil? Didnt live for 900 years or /and reincarnated to hermes. Mystery babylon is so confusing im pissed they ve hidden the ancient knowledge