Reptilian Files:Doctor Phil and Slit Eyed Guest

Reptilian Files:Doctor Phil and Slit Eyed Guest

I tell you my job is getting easier because the great readership at Revelation Now have also become researchers and submitters. This video was sent to me last week because people know I am hot on the seed-of-the-serpent trail. This video was very interesting and compelling because this lady being interviewed has slit pupils. Later on in the video clip you will even see Dr. Phil has slit pupils! The freaks come out at night and the reptilians come out on prime time television.

Perhaps, this lady has a medical condition known as coloboma? If not these eyes of hers are very strange because you can even see the slits dilate based on the lighting conditions. My question is how can the networks be so careless? Why would they let this get out? Or it is part of the conditioning of the people in America?  I am trying to find this lady to interview her of her condition but until then take a gander at this video!  

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Michael Erevna

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