$100 Bill Invitation to the DEMONIC

$100 Bill Invitation to the DEMONIC

After discovering ancient pictographs hidden on the latest $100 bill I was at a loss for words and that is something for me! You see within the windows of Independence Hall were a mix of ancient glyphs in which some were Hebrew, Phoenician, and Babylonian. You would have figured the alternative truth movement would have been all over this but sadly that was not the case. I was stumped when first seeing these ancient characters and I sought help from various experts of ancient languages.

Curiously enough I had a so-called prominent American watchman send me a lady from Israel (to help) but did nothing but try and discourage my research. I found it strange this man would send me an Israeli citizen.  Once I jettisoned her from my investigation I was able to dig deeper into the mystery of why these characters were placed there.

These are messages to the spirits of Babylon. The images are Persian pictographs but the words are in Latin; but the Latin here refers to providing a gateway or a portal.

– Father Mendoza

It was not until today I was able to put it together after watching a movie based on a fictional retelling of some of the cases of New York City detective, Ralph Sarchie, who also moonlighted as a demonologist. The movie is called, “Deliver Us from Evil” and it was here I acquired a deeper insight into the ancient characters on the money. 

“Well, it’s based on a lot of elements of cases I’ve worked on,” says Ralph Sarchie. “It’s based on elements of my life. It’s a fictional movie with elements of reality in it.”

In this particular movie there is a scene where the detective and the Jesuit priest are at a bar . . . no this is not a joke! The detective shows the priest a wall of ancient symbols he photographed from a suspects home and the priest responds, “These are messages to the spirits of Babylon. The images are Persian pictographs but the words are in Latin but the Latin here refers to providing a gateway or a portal.”

Official trailer to “Deliver Us from Evil” based on a true story

It was at this time I had an epiphany cross-referencing what I was watching and my discovery of the ancient symbols hidden in the windows of Independence Hall. The priest also said something that was key to why the symbols are on the money. It is here the priest said, “There must be an invitation to open a doorway before an evil entity can slip into our world.  Some people invite them themselves by dabbling in the occult, others are just victims of a curse. The message provides a point of entry for the demonic.”

This movie resonated truths which I was not yet ready to receive. After watching the movie I realized we have all already seen these symbols on the $100 bill subconsciously. Our subconscious mind is amazing and it is the ultimate recording device which is stored in the deepest recesses of our minds. There is an ancient spell on the money and it is an invitation to the demonic. Is this why the Bible warns of the love of money is the root to all evil?

“There must be an invitation to open a doorway before an evil entity can slip into our world.  Some people invite them themselves by dabbling in the occult others are just victims of a curse. The message provides a point of entry for the demonic.”

– Father Mendoza

Now we know there is a method to this magick they are imposing on us. I also was struck by the fact “magic windows” were used on the $100 bill and they look very similar to the picture in the movie. This showed me intention was used on the $100 bill and none of this is an accident or can be easily explained away.  Even the celestial objects the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter are evoked through the use of Phoenician and Babylonian symbols on the $100!

I also wonder if some of these ancient symbols are used to protect the dollar and keep it strong?  How many times have you heard the dollar is going to tank or be abandoned? There are some brilliant financial minds out there but their financial analysis is always steeped in the physical. How can you leave the spiritual out when everything happens first in spirit and then to the physical? This is another case of catching Lady Liberty’s hand in the cauldron.

This is such a subtle magic the people are oblivious because technology has replaced spirituality. People cannot fathom the concept ancient rituals glean results. We see these results today in the form of prayers but for the demonic there must be a summoning. Why else cleverly minimize ancient characters and place them there using the occult practice of  “magic windows?”

Once the demons are in our plane of existence they command legions of other demons. Ancient records indicate the fallen angel Kokabiel commands 365,000 spirits! We can assume each of the ancient pictographs on the $100 is evoking specific demonic spirits. We also can assume all of the demonic spirits on $100 are here now and working against the plans of the Most High.

Kokabiel (Aramaic: כוכבאל, Greek: χωβαβιήλ), also spelled Kôkabîêl, Kôkhabîêl, Kakabel, Kochbiel, Kokbiel, Kabaiel, or Kochab, considered the ‘angel of the stars,’ [1] is a fallen angel, the fourth mentioned of the 20 Watcher leaders of the 200 fallen angels in the Book of Enoch.[2] His name is generally translated as “star of God,”[3] which is fitting since it has been said that Kokabiel taught astrology to his associates.[4] According to The Book of The Angel Raziel, Kokabiel is a holy angel; in other apocryphal lore, however, he is generally considered to be fallen. Kokabiel is said to command an army of 365,000 spirits.[3]

If you look at the ancient pictographs in the movie “Deliver Us from Evil” you will see many common ones in the windows of Independence Hall on the $100. What was also striking was the pictograph of the bird in the movie . . . it is also in one of the windows of Independence Hall. I never printed it before because I was not sure of the role of the bird in the windows of Independence Hall.  After seeing it in the movie it came back to me.

I should not have missed this particular bird because a friend pointed it out but at the time I could not make a correlation. Now that we can cross reference the symbols from “Deliver Us from Evil”  against some of the ancient pictographs on the $100 bill we can further decipher the intention. In my opinion, this is a money or wealth creation spell on the money. I am now convinced this invitation to the Babylonian spirits is to a Babylonian god of wealth with planetary influences called upon to energize the spell cosmically. 

If this is true I should be able to locate them and build the case there is a spell to ensure the American money prospers in the global market.  The spell also might be to possess people with the love of money which is the root to all evil.  Many cultures past and present have wealth deities, a multiplicity of which have origins that pre-date monotheism. The wealth deities are often depicted in mythology, but are also ancient religious icons. These deities are originally believed to either represent the idea of wealth and prosperity, or are thought to directly aid practitioners of the belief in gaining prosperity through worship or ritual.

I was able to identify a Sumerian/Babylonian “god of wealth” known as Bogu. In my opinion, this is the sole reason the dollar is still fighting to stay alive. There are many brilliant financial analyst out there like “V” the Guerilla Economist who have predicated the demise of the dollar yet it some how evades destruction. I like using “V” as an example because he is meticulous financial analyst who has predicted many financial outcomes yet the dollar keeps dancing. Is it because of this spell on the money?

It now makes sense to me why America would do this because I truly hold America is the subject of Isaiah 47. The Most High calls out the subject of Isaiah 47 as using magic and sorcery to prosper. It is now irrefutable these symbols are used as a spell. What really got me going was the bird symbol used by the demon in “Deliver Us from Evil.” 

Deliver Us from Evil vs. $100 Bill

What are the odds of this bird symbol (and many others) being part of a true life New York City demonic case and on the $100 bill? It should be obvious to all who have followed the progression of this research we finally have an answer. There are other ancient pictographs from the case which are on the money as well. To hear the Jesuit priest state people can be possessed by these spirits was confirming what I suspected when I first encountered the ancient symbols on the money.

If we look at the facts from the movie, “Deliver Us from Evil” humans were possessed just by exposure to the spell. The antagonist in the movie was called Santino. He was a soldier who entered an ancient cave and was possessed before he saw the ancient pictographs on the wall. Post possession he would replicate the ancient pictograph on walls to capture other souls for possession. He even went as far as to carve the ancient symbols from the wall on to his own body.

How does it work on the unsuspecting observer? This is a result of  “unconscious cognition” which is the processing of perception, memory, learning, thought, and language without being aware of it. When a person looks at the $100 bill they do not consciously record the ancient pictographs because they are too small. The microscope I used was set to 60x magnification. Can the subconscious mind record data that small or just by carrying the money some people become susceptible to the spell.

In my opinion, it might not even be necessary to “see” the spell but to have it on your person. I am not sure about this of course but what I do know is everything is in a state of vibration and we can record those very vibrations. “Deliver Us from Evil” is the “smoking gun” I was looking after the previous two post on this subject. 

I have been able to match many symbols (illustrated in the picture gallery) between the ancient relief wall and the new $100. I think it is misleading demons are usually presented talking like reptiles and eating human flesh. There are many demons like this but I also consider other demons just “step” into a person and you would never know they were there. This must be the case with the money. 

It is no mistake in the movie “Sinister” the demon’s name is “Bagul” which is very similar to “Bogu.” It is obviously a play on the name of this demonic entity. I also realized even more connections after re-reading Isaiah 47 where the direct object of the Scripture is “virgin daughter of Babylon.” It is here we find yet another fit for America because America has incorporated a Babylonian spell into the currency and America is also known as a female hence the Lady Liberty.

Revelation 18:4

Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues;

America is considered the daughter of Babylon because she has incorporated Babylonian spells into her arsenal and the Bible tells us Babylon as physical city will never rise again. Additionally, we now know America practices a mega ritual during the Super (Ba’al)  Bowl and now we have a direct link to a Babylonian spell on her currency. America appears to be steeped in the Babylonian occult and you better believe there are more spells planted in plain view. America is now on the “hit-list” of the Most High because the American culture has been turned upside by a separation from the Most High while relying on witchcraft.

As a result of false ministries, homosexuality, materialism, and chasing the all mighty dollar America has separated from the hedge of protection of the Most High. Funny, how the nickname for the American currency is the all mighty dollar. People never call gold the almighty gold but the American currency has been set aside to prosper and given a title synonymous with the Creator. It is ashamed America took the bait to pursue technology as opposed to the spiritual teachings of our Great Teacher . . . the Christ. 

Isaiah 13:19-20

19 And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldeans’ excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.

20 It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation; neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there, neither shall the shepherds make their fold there.

Father Mendoza in the movie made a very powerful statement when he said people who get possessed are possessed because they are susceptible to the spell.  The children of the Most High are protected because they are sealed, else the entire Nation would be running around killing each other and snacking on each other’s legs. Christ protected us when He said follow my ways because in doing so we will have the most powerful spirit dwelling in our hearts.  When demons see us they see a sign on our foreheads that says, “no vacancy.”

In closing we can assume as a result of the contributions of the priest to the movie we are seeing legitimate ancient pictographs. These very ancient pictographs are used not only to communicate but to create spells which invite demons to act on various agendas. There should be great concern these ancient pictographs have made their way onto the U.S. currency. This means America yet again is linked to “magic” which is forbidden by the Word of the Most High.

What are the chances many of the ancient symbols from the movie, “Deliver Us from Evil” would be an exact match for many of the ancient symbols on the $100 bill? Other ancient pictographs on the money call upon celestial objects like: Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon. Do you honestly think it is an accident these ancient pictographs are on the money? I also consider what I have uncovered is proof positive America is the very subject of Isaiah 47. This is why the Word says, “come out of  her my people” and it is no mistake America is referred to as a female!

Now the question is: what should we do now knowing this? I submit to you this is the next mystery to solve. We are basically walking around with currency imbued with an ancient pagan spell and we should pray against it. The Department of Treasury has some explaining to do and they should be held accountable. There was a concerted effort by the Government to separate church and state but not the occult and the Government!

It is my hope through the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit I have built a strong case the American currency is also a form of witchcraft. It should also show us why the love of money is the root of all evil. Have we been programmed to love this money? Has the money been demonically inspired to thrive no matter what? Many financial pundits have written the obituary of the American dollar yet it is alive while the Russian currency plummets.

If you are not alarmed by the fact these ancient pictographs have been carefully hidden in the windows of Independence Hall you should be. These ancient spells were put there because they do work. The Disciples provided us with testimony the unseen world is real and demons could only be cast out through the power of Christ. Please spread the word about this troubling discovery because I now believe it has been validated there is a spell on the latest $100 bill.

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