Night of the DEMON Attack!

Night of the DEMON Attack!

I have been extremely busy these days more so than other days. In addition, to research and focusing on the upcoming Mega Super Ba’al ritual I have been trying to educate people on the dangers of following man-made doctrine and not following the Word. Last night I learned this comes at a price. My wife and I were lying in bed chatting about our children when suddenly I felt something come into me! I could feel it trying to take control of my mind. All of the blood began to rush to my head and I felt as if I was having a stroke or something.

Whatever was in me prohibited me from moving or talking. I was able to shake it off for a few seconds but then it came back stronger a second time. I knew this was not normal and I sensed a consciousness with it. I was barely able to say my wife’s name for help. She heard me the third time I said her name. She said, “What’s wrong!” I felt the attack subside and the third time it came into me even stronger! This time I heard a growl! My wife went into full prayer warrior mode.  She was filled with the Holy Spirit and her hands began to tremble as she prayed over me. I was immobilized but managed to call on Jesus for help. Just as quickly as the attack came I felt “it” leave me.  

My wife continued to pray and ask Jesus to encamp his angles in and around our home. I laid in bed after this in utter shock! I had been through a sleep paralysis encounter 7 years ago but this was different. I was not sleeping this time and I was simply chatting with my wife. When it came into me I immediately sensed something was wrong. I later asked my wife if she could hear me growl but she did not. I am positive I heard the growling. Honestly, I reached a point where I was not sure if I was going to cover the Super Bowl this year. Before the attack I found a site called

I was amazed at this gentlemen’s research and ability to define the Madonna Super Ba’al Halftime Show during Super Ba’al 46. I realized much of what he was sharing I intuitively knew about their ritual. I was spot on in some areas this very enlightened individual covered in his own analysis. I now truly believe my gift from the Most High is “intuitive revelation.” I can have no knowledge of some of these occult rituals and I am able to understand them just by seeing them. I was blown away by breadth of the research by the author of

The only part I saw he was missing was the anciently revered “Silver Gate.” If you watch my video titled, “The Dark Magick Behind Super Bowl Entertainment (Part 2),” you will find the post on resistance 2010 came to the exact same conclusions. There were parts of their post I did not agree with at all. Such as the definition of Jesus means the son of Zeus. Jesus and Christ was a title bestowed upon the Son of the Most High. The true definition is Greek which means “anointed one” and not Zeus. The writer at is correct when he says Christianity was hijacked but through the doctrine of men which is not an accurate reflection of the Word. Aside from these differences please (when you visit the other site) focus on the defining of the mega ritual. I am sharing these details because they were part of my routine before the attack last night.

I watched a bit of the Golden Globes so I could see all of the witches and warlocks ride each other’s jocks and bra straps. I did see an actress “thank God” but these days you have to ask which god are they really thanking? The Golden Globes were chocked full of designer clothes and actors who suffer with extreme narcissism. For the last two weeks I have been consistently trying to educate people that men or women who place themselves in a position of spiritual advisers to others are held to another standard other than common folks. You are expected to always tell the truth and teach sound doctrine to people who follow you. This is why the Sanhedrin were always in the cross hairs of Jesus.

You see they were the spiritual advisers of the people and Jesus saw the Sanhedrin teaching false doctrine while lining their pockets with silver and gold. I have been extremely vocal in my opposition against these modern day Sanhedrin. I wonder if any of these variables played into the attack last night? This particular demon was extremely powerful and even made my breathing shallow. If my wife was not there I believe it was possible I would have been possessed. She saved me and I cannot get the image of her hands trembling over my body as she prayed out of my mind. I was toying around with the idea of closing my site down for months now. Now I know I will not do that. I am going to jump in even deeper and share my research with those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

In closing, being attacked like that changed my life and outlook. The demon that came for me was powerful, angry, and full of hate. I felt it was trying to kill me by making all of my blood rush to my head. I will never forget the growl I heard . . . it was inhuman. That demon was sent after me I feel because I am ruffling many feathers and more people are becoming aware we are in fact in a spiritual war. The demonic entities are real and once they get inside you it is extremely difficult to shake them. Just by standing your ground and telling the Spirit of Truth you will be attacked.

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