Hagmann/Quayle: Mo’ Lies Mo’ Money

Hagmann/Quayle: Mo’ Lies Mo’ Money

If you have “googled” frauds, false prophets, or con men after the names of Steve Quayle or Doug Hagmann you should not be shocked at the investigative research of Marinka Peschmann. She has merely confirmed what many other writers have shared with the world . . .  these men are liars and profit off lies and fear in the name of Christ!  Marinka has now proven their latest lie, the SWAT fairytale Hagmann shared on his radio show was nothing more than a big fat lie!

Marinka actually called the police station where the so-called SWAT Team is based and (big surprise) they confirmed it never happened. This is after Quayle, a Doug Hagmann cheerleader got on the air and asked for prayers because Doug was almost “killed.” Folks, it gets worse, Quayle, even asked for donations on the air based on the lies of Hagmann. This is not the first time these men have worked in collusion to line their pockets with silver and gold based on fabricated stories.

Is it not ironic how Brian Williams has stepped down from NBC as the anchor while these men are unaccountable to anyone? Not even to the spiritual laws in the Bible! Let’s take a look at the spiritual laws that address lying to people in the Bible. Let’s take a look at some of the Scripture they break with their premeditated lies and collusion:

  • Leviticus 19:11 You shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another. 
  • Psalms 119:163 I hate and abhor lying: but your law do I love.
  • Proverbs 13:5 A righteous man hates lying: but a wicked man is loathsome, and comes to shame.
  • Proverbs 17:7 Excellent speech becomes not a fool: much less do lying lips a prince.
  • Zephaniah 3:13 The remnant of Israel shall not do iniquity, nor speak lies; neither shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth: for they shall feed and lie down, and none shall make them afraid.
  • Ephesians 4:29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace to the hearers.
  • 1 Timothy 4:2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
  • Revelation 22:15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and fornicators, and murderers, and idolaters, and whoever loves and makes a lie.

Ironically, these shysters have the audacity to call themselves anointed or the remnant church and as you can see they are so far away from the Most High and closer to Satan himself. If you correct them or call for justice they rebuke you and claim you are an abomination. What is the difference between them and the Pharisees Christ attacked with great fervor? Not much!

They have set themselves up as spiritual authorities that profit off lies and an extra helping of fear. Christ would not support or endorse these men; in fact He would publicly repudiate them. If it was not for the efforts of Marinka vetting their stories we would not now have evidence their stories do not add up. She has now proved  they lie on the air and then segue into Christ conversations.

I submit to you they are not true believers because the only fear we should have is judgment from the Most High and His Son. They have no fear and do not realize they will be judged by Him one day. Look folks, I am no angel and I sin daily but I am not going to lie and promote Christ. I even had to make a correction on one of my post because I inadvertently twisted some Scripture.

As soon as I realized my mistake I posted a correction and I was thankful it was brought to my attention. Not with this motley crew because they feel they are above the laws of the Most High. After Hagmann duped Marinka into printing a false story on the NSA he threatened her with legal action to hinder her from further pursuing the truth. What does that tell you about the character of this man?

People that follow them and put them up on a pedestal are not stupid they have merely been: tricked, conned, hoodwinked, or bamboozled. I have seen a pattern emerging through emails I have received from people who separated themselves from these men. It is usually elderly single or widowed women who were caught up in the gold/silver hard sells from Quayle. This speaks volumes of this man who allegedly said, “God told me I am Moses.” Let that one marinate for a minute!

How can these men stay on the air with a swollen track record of lies, deception, and even treason? I am starting to believe they are a psyop designed to collect names and addresses. Their new software application is more invasive than a tapeworm. The irony is they claim privacy is paramount in their radio broadcast. Let’s take a look at what you give them permission to do when you download their application.

You give them permission to take the following  and store it in their own database:

  1. Identity
  2. Location
  3. SMS
  4. Phone numbers
  5. Photos/Media files (including deleting/modification)
  6. Camera/Microphone
  7. WiFi connection information
  8. Device ID and Call info
  9. User accounts on the device
  10. Full network access
  11. View network connections

Why does a so-called Christian broadcaster need so much private information . . . in the name of Jesus? Notice how they attack the NSA on the air while infringing on your privacy. Is that not the pot calling the kettle black?  I suggest anyone who has downloaded this Hagmann application to delete it immediately. Tell your friends and get this off your desktop, laptop, or smart device with the quickness.

As a professional databases developer with over 20 years experience working for some of the biggest defense contractors and investment banks in America; I can tell you this is overkill for software, especially for a “radio” station. Is it possible they are working with a governmental agency? How can they stay on the air telling lies, profiting off falsehoods, and making treasonous statements against the Government? Unless, they have been sanctioned to operate in this despicable manner?

How come the FBI has not investigated them after bearing false witness on the police and NSA? How many lies have they told? Why do so-called pastors endorse these delusional liars? There are serious amounts of money being generated by these “profits of doom” and where are the tax records? I guarantee the more you dig the stinkier it will be.

In closing, I have received emails from folks who ask why are you doing this to brothers in Christ? For the record, none of these men are following the teachings of Christ. There is a huge difference between talking about Christ then acting like Christ. When the microphone is off these men show their true colors. We are supposed to be loyal to the Word and not to men…especially liars.

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