Bisexual Bono Endorses Ireland’s Gay Marriage . . . What a Shocker?

Bisexual Bono Endorses Ireland’s Gay Marriage . . . What a Shocker?

Bono has gained quite the reputation as a spokesperson for support of same sex unions around the world. Yesterday, he celebrated with the country of Ireland as they became the first country to legalize same sex unions. This historic day is a double edged sword because although it grants the necessary rights (all humans deserve) to them their are dark spiritual ramifications.

Bono is the lead vocal in a hall of fame rock band and has supported many good causes. From a public relation perspective you do not hear about his relationships with men. This is actually my second post where I have a legitimate source. I did not think I would ever say things like this!

Gay marriage: Ireland’s big message for equality

I say this because if there are any legal ramifications from this post this came directly from an eye witness. Okay, so here is what I was told . . . U2 was performing on the show Good Morning America. Right before Bono was ready to run out on a stage, a man ran up to him and said, “Good luck” and tenderly smooched him on his lips.

My source made the smooching sound and I sat their in a state of disbelief. I was in a state of disbelief because I never knew Bono was into men. This certainly is not common knowledge and yes this is his choice and all; but when he speaks on controversial subjects that is different.

Why is that different? Well, if he is going to speak on Christianity and why gay marriage should included and blessed; go ahead an throw in you are gay. U2 was the soundtrack to my younger years and I have fond memories of them. Then I grew spiritually and I realize this was a bit deceptive of Bono not to disclose there is a little man who smooches him on the lips before shows.

He is presented as a neutral spokesperson for sexual equality when really he is an ambassador for same sex unions. There is a difference. I hope people who read this realize Bono is either a bi-sexual or a homosexual when he speaks on Christianity. And this means he has his own agenda and it is not based on Biblical values nor the principles of His mind.

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