The “Chosen People” and Their GAY PARADE

The “Chosen People” and Their GAY PARADE

I do not think I will ever get over the irony of the “chosen people” hosting a gay parade in Tel Aviv, Israel. The premise of these chosen people claiming ownership of Israel is they are the stewards of Old Testament laws and the “original” Jewish people. These Jews who have flocked to Israel are nothing more than a contradiction based on their behavior. If they are truly are stewards of the Old Testament they are forbidden to support a gay parade.

This Israel is not what we are led to believe by the mainstream media and the alternative media. The mainstream media covers Israel in politics, war, and a country targeted for destruction by their Middle East neighbors. The alternative media either celebrates Israel as the chosen people or they do not include them in their many flavored conspiracy theories. Why do so many Christians rush to support Israel when they clearly are promoters of the abomination known as the unnatural sexual acts between same sexes?

Let’s put all of this into perspective so we can be on the same page. A collection of Jewish people with European origins claim they are the true ancient Jewish remnant. What were the standards of inspection and verification of these people at the time? Next, millions of dollars were most likely exchanged because politicians were involved.

Finally, these “chosen people” were awarded premium land with seaports and this land was subsequently increased after the 1967 “Seven Day War.” The entire veneer of their existence is they are specially chosen and blessed people because of their relationship with the Creator. According to Scripture this means they would have to turn away from sin in order to receive His blessings.

It is common knowledge in the Middle East if you are LGBT then Israel is not only the safest place for you, but your lifestyle is accepted there. How does this fall in line with the Scripture?  It is apparent Israel is not a nation built upon laws of the Old Testament. They are imposters  and more so called truthers need to stand up and smell the roses.

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Michael Erevna

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