Time: Satan’s Final Assault on the Earth

Time: Satan’s Final Assault on the Earth

We should all be preparing our minds and expectations for what has been spiritually prophetically ordained from the Most High. Please for your own good stop chasing elite media planted stories into the alternative media. Have you noticed since the Mayan prophetic date of December 21, 2012 there are no more hard coded prophetic dates?

Now some in the alternative media title stories that state something BIG is going to happen next month. What a sale? This is all a distraction to keep you entranced in state of fear so you do not seek knowledge outside of what the media and alternative media serve you; you will notice them by their double conspiratorial standard where America is fair game and Israel is off limits, but I digress.

When you realize the magnitude of Satan’s sinister plan to overthrow The Most High and His cherished Prince of Peace; you will abandon being a self imposed victim of the alternative media flimflam. You will have to be mentally prepared for what you will witness. This can only happen through spiritual lenses and then you will begin mental preparedness.

Do you remember the most famous line from the movie Ghostbusters? During the Ghostbusters’ first case, in the Sedgewick Hotel, Egon warns everyone to never “Cross the Streams”, which refers to the proton beams from multiple Particle Throwers crossing paths during use. Egon noted “It would be bad.”

When Egon later instructed the Ghostbusters to cross the streams it caused an explosion of particles which severed the time stream and banished Gozer the Gozerian back to its dimension in time. In our current time, CERN is the multiple Particle Throwers and Saturn will be Gozer. CERN is in fact not just crossing particle streams but smashing them together. Somehow they have figured out how to create a bridge with the planet Saturn also known as Father Time!


The children of these fallen angels (feathered serpents) were once worshiped as gods on every continent of the earth! Their royal offspring is the elite of today. And I am talking about these families who can trace their ancestry to ancient times. Some are the global bankers who finance the angelically inspired technologies we see today…like CERN. The Satanic agenda simply put: is going to bend or bubble space from Saturn to a point on earth which will disrupt time in the collision.

A wormhole, or Einstein-Rosen Bridge, is a hypothetical topological feature that would fundamentally be a shortcut through space-time. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends, each in separate points in space-time.


Time is chained together like a relational database with primary keys and foreign keys. If you disrupt these keys time will become unstable and dimensional rifts will occur. This is when the Satanic army will breach our world. Please remember 1/3 of the angels in Heaven rebelled. Although the Book of Enoch tells us 200 angels fell, there are spirits at their command. The fallen angel Kokabiel is said to command 365,000 spirits alone! Opening up a dimensional rift means worlds will be merged!

I recently read an insightful post titled, “Time, CERN, and the Bible” and to be honest I was transfixed reading it. This post deserves a standing ovation and it was contextually supported with Scripture that leaps out at you. I believe this post was synthesized in a way where you will understand comprehensively what Satan’s plan is really about during the Last Days. You will also see the media fascination with this subject or should I say global training films?

It did not hit me until I read the post but for the record I do not believe in coincidence. Late last week I called a friend on the west coast. We had both been unable to sleep and my friend asked me to call her so I did. I think we talked for hours and I ended up bowing out at 4:00 am. In the beginning she had a high degree of reluctance of sharing a certain experience and belief with me.

She told me that fallen angels and their humans have figured out a way to travel in time. She believed they could even plant religious artifacts in order to reshape history. She told me a story about an old tree she was familiar with in her neighborhood. It was majestically huge and one day she walked by and shockingly noticed the beautiful behemoth was cut down.

Here is an excerpt of what she shared:

I see your article on CERN..I have it marked to read.  It occurred to me though..kind of skimming over it..

..you know those time slips I told you about the other night?  The very first one..was in the eighties.  I experienced an entire afternoon that apparently..those who I perceived to be there–?  Weren’t..plus one more man.

The tree?  What happened was..when my son was little..we would walk some.  There’s a house a couple of blocks from us that had this big, beautiful tree in the front yard..with a bench underneath..to sit and rest a spell.  We walked by again on another day and..they had cut it down.  It seemed so sad; the tree was very old; very beautiful.

I don’t go that way very often; now and again.  A couple of years ago..I had my dog out..for a walk; went that way and–the tree was there..with the bench and all.  Untouched..still growing.  I KNOW they cut it down–but there it was.

I walked that way a couple of weeks ago looking for a dog that got out and..it was cut down..and old..as if it happened a long time ago.

Sometime later she walked that same route with her dog and the old tree had returned! I did not understand the significance of our conversation until I read the post. I realized after reading that post so much and I am able to understand why this world is so messed up. The children, disciples, and followers of the Satanic forces have been working diligently from ancient times until now.

This is clearly addressed in the Book of Isaiah and we can also see ancient sculptures representing this technology.

Declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose,’  (Isaiah 46:10)


What ancient things have not yet been accomplished? The greatest ancient failure for mankind ended up in separation and division. When the Tower of Babel fell it was an ancient technology never realized. The Satanic forces are now in a position to make it a reality.

If you understand this you must prepare yourself mentally and for your family for what is to come. Sticks, stones, and gold will not save you if you are not sealed by the Most High. I believe this also means time sealed where you will not be deluded by the time shift. The Bible says many men will die from the fear of what is to come. This will and should not be the case with those of us who continue to seek the truth.

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