Pluto’s Heart: Smoking Gun of Hollywood’s Hancock Ancient Cosmic Ritual

Pluto’s Heart: Smoking Gun of Hollywood’s Hancock Ancient Cosmic Ritual

When the NASA images from Pluto hit the national news circuit I immediately recalled the movie Hancock.  In this Will Smith blockbuster he plays John Hancock (an angel with amnesia) who parallels Horus from the ancient Egyptian god trinity. Each of the main characters resonated with a celestial counterpart. Horus (John Hancock in the movie) played by Will Smith resonated with Pluto. Horus, whose left eye was the Moon and whose right eye was the sun.


Will Smith resonates Horus the sky god


Geb (Ray Embrey in the movie) played by Jason Bateman resonated with the Earth. Sekhmet (Mary Embry in the movie) played by Charlize Theron resonated Jupiter. The Moon was used to resonate with Pluto through symbolic matching of the heart. By analyzing the ancient characters juxtaposed against the characters in the movie we can build a framework of how these occult celestial ritual mechanics are operating.




These are the occult ingredients which synthesize into what we call movies. They must represent an ancient archetype to resonate with a particular cosmic energy system and energized by mental energy. At least one of the actors must have and practice occult knowledge like Will Smith who is an admitted alchemist. This person acts as the physical (probably assisted with a demonic indweller) conduit of energy between realms. Although Will Smith was born a Libra, he was born with Jupiter in Virgo again linking him to Horus.

According to Ancient Egypt, The Light of the World by Gerald Massey he stated the following:


But with Horus born of Virgo, in the Zodiac, the birthplace of the Babe was figured in the vernal equinox, and thus became subject to change in the vernal procession.


Massey went on to say fourteen thousand years ago the vernal equinox coincided with the sign of Virgo and the autumn equinox with the sign of Pisces. He also presented Eratosthenes (born in the years 276 BC) as an unimpeachable witness for the Egyptians. Who was the custodian of the great library in Alexandria and the most learned Greek in Egypt at the time. He testified the fact the Festival of Isis celebrated in his time at the autumn equinox, had been celebrated when the Easter (Ishtar) equinox was in Virgo.


Hancock movie scene with the heart etched on the moon


Through this association we can see how Isis would be resonated in Virgo as well as the Virgin Mother of the Zodiac. Now you can see the connection between: Horus + Will Smith/ (birth lock) + Hancock * Mass Mental Energy  = (Resonate)*Pluto. I am sure you see where I am going with this mock-up formula but I did this to illustrate the many variables which go into one resonator.


Hancock/Horus heart moon and Pluto’s heart


Charlize Theron was tapped for this role because she is also a Leo (August 7, 1975) and resonates with Sekhmet/Ishtar; who is known as the lion headed goddess and was the wife of Horus. Remember Katy Perry riding the lion in her Super Bowl concert?  Same thing here. Her cosmic match is Jupiter which Sekhmet is also associated. Ishar/Sekhmet are the same goddess from different times where both are associated with Jupiter. Please do not forget Mary Embery tells Hancock she is way stronger and more powerful than him. Because she is Jupiter and he is Pluto!


Charlize Theron resonates Sekhmet the lion headed goddess


Finally, we have Jason Bateman (February 29, 1966) who resonates with Geb and dishes out fatherly wisdom to Hancock in the movie. This makes sense because Ra was the father of Horus and Jason Bateman’s character is not, yet he dishes fatherly advice to Hancock. Geb also supported Horus’ right to the throne following the death of Osiris. Just like Ray Embrey did with Hancock, even to the point of his wisdom causing Hancock to submit to a jail sentence. Finally, people born between February 12-29 and August 20 – 31 according to the Ancient Egypt Star Signs . . .  are associated with Geb.


Jason Bateman resonates Geb the advisor of Horus


There must be a significant relationship between these multi-dimensional “coincidences” (between the actors, ancient deities, and their cosmic counterparts) and it only makes sense in the context of “As above . . . so below.” I believe these actors are handpicked for their roles after a careful analysis of their star charts in conjunction with the planned cosmic ritual. Why else are there so many associations with these characters, actors, and ancient history?



Somehow we have been taught half truths about our ancient history (including universal science) and it is most likely being used against us. How does this all fit together is the question? We must first identify at the highest level we are dealing with energy. The solar system appears to be used as some type of particle machine where: ritual (intention) is merged with particle energy and desire transmuted through the ether which will later manifest on earth. We learn the same things from our Teacher about binding in your heart/mind and loosing it in Heaven.

This is the premise of the cosmic rituals I believe are being orchestrated against us. Because it is being done in secret I can only assume it is not for the benefit of all mankind . . . just those who control us. Now that you understand the character associations with their ancient and celestial counterparts we can move on. Next we must focus on the planets which are becoming the usual suspects in these rituals. It also lends credence these entertainment “events” are planned to ensure these planets will be in correct locations for the ritual to work.

Let’s review which celestial objects are being called upon in the Hancock movie:

Celestial Human ResonatorsEgyptian god/planet
JupiterMary Embery/Charlize TheronSekhmet/Jupiter
PlutoJohn Hancock/Will SmithHorus/Pluto
EarthRay Embery/Justin BatemanGeb/Earth
MoonHancock inscribed a red heart on the moonIsis/Moon
Sun* The Sun represented on the (left eye) sunglasses of the Hancock movie posterRa/Sun

Now you will see the celestial players necessary for manipulation of powerful cosmic energies. If you have read my many analysis of the Super Bowl concerts including the Silver and Golden star gates you will see them again here. This is no accident or coincidence but there is a premeditated intention to align earthly events with anciently revered heavenly gates; which even the Vatican’s Coat of Arms of the Holy See illustrates. There must be a conductor leading this cosmic convergence with earthly resonators. The real shocker should be the unassuming public is used to produce a massive amount of energy.


The Moon, Jupiter, Pluto and the Golden Gate
Alignment over 30th Moscow International Film Festival on June 19, 2008


Hancock had its world première as the opener at the 30th Moscow International Film Festival on June 19, 2008. Let us take a look at the cosmic back drop at the time of the première. I am not surprised but I see the Golden Gate and all but one of the celestial objects from our earthly perspective. So the entrance to the Heavenly realm revered by the ancients is present and: Jupiter, Pluto, and the moon. I am also curious about Pluto next to the Ophiuchus who holds the serpent.

What are the chances these very celestial objects resonated in the movie Hancock would be aligned over Moscow? Do you not see there is a relationship here? Now where is the Sun? Remember, the Sun was resonated on the left eye of Hancock’s sunglasses on the movie poster. Let’s take a look at the Silver Gate and see what we find! The Sun was actually in the Galactic Plane in the Silver Gate.

What are the chances of this! The Galactic Plane is intersected by the Ecliptic forming a cross where the Sun was hanging, if you will. We can surmise direct solar energy infused with radiation from the Galactic plane poured into the exit of the Heavens. I find it fascinating all of the celestial objects were positioned in the Silver and Golden respective heavenly gates.


The Sun in the Silver Gate
Alignment over 30th Moscow International Film Festival on June 19, 2008


Now the moon in the movie Hancock was carefully crafted (IMHO) to resonate with the planet Pluto. What are the odds a heart would be etched on the moon in a movie and in reality a planet who wears the same mark? Pluto is known for destructive and renewal energies and many ancient Egyptian translations speak of an array of consciousness controlled by their gods. It is said many Jungian concepts were borrowed from ancient Egypt.

Is it possible these rituals are used to manipulate the consciousness of the observers of these Hollywood movies. Are we being hypnotized to collectively release massive burst of mental energy when we see symbols? How many of you thought of the movie Hancock when you saw the heart on the planet Pluto by NASA? I certainly thought of Hancock immediately and commented on it while chatting on the phone with a colleague.



There must be an ancient science to this because there are too many variables firing off with perfect synchronicity. All of these variables are initiated from the mental universe which commune with celestial objects in the universe. The heart symbol was the trigger and massive amounts of mental energies were released when the association was made. Each planet must have a certain mental energy characteristic which is harnessed based on the agenda of the “fallen” angels.

We know the energies of Pluto have been described as destructive and renewing. The global media has captured destructive “Acts of God” on every continent more frequently. We also cannot discount the possibility there is a physical manifestation associated with the Hancock spell! Mary Embery tore Los Angeles up like Superman in Man of Steel. Those were certainly destructive weather energies at play with her tornadoes and hurricanes.


How do they really feel?


In closing, these occulted rituals performed on the unsuspecting masses is akin to mental rape and energy theft. The collective population is being used to power: cosmic energy manipulation, energy redirection, and using the correct interpretation of ancient directions on how to control the masses. What we have been taught keeps us trapped in a mental box where we will not see the writing on the wall. These ancient Egyptians gods represent cosmic and mental forces which can be tapped into. Why else do you think the Hancock stakeholders resonated the ancient past and their planetary counterparts? There is an ancient science being deployed on the world.

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