2 Years Later! Stanford University Students Recover Video of Space Flight

2 Years Later! Stanford University Students Recover Video of Space Flight

This is a story with many good elements. First, there is the ingenuity of the Stanford University students using a GoPro Hero3 camera, a Samsung Galaxy Note II GPS application, and a Sony Camcorder. A customized plastic box as the housing was created using a 3D printer and a standard launch kit. Second, there is a good samaritan that found the box while hiking in the desert and returned the package to AT&T where she works.



Lucky for Bryan Chan and his four technology horsemen Arizona is a hiker’s Mecca. Squaw Peak is a hotspot for hiking in Phoenix, Arizona and the whole state has scenic hiking trails, but I digress. Bryan and the team encountered one tactical error, the GPS maps were in accurate and the package landed in a dead zone. Are they sure this was not Sprint?

The dejected team were convinced they would never see the package again. After AT&T read the SIM card tracking down the owner was a snap. Bryan and his team were notified and now we have the footage! This is amazing footage and GoPro has already offered to furnish next generation equipment for their next launch. Revelation Now hopes to speak with Bryan and his team soon!

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