Killing Us Softly: The Fallen Angel Plan to Conquer Man

Killing Us Softly: The Fallen Angel Plan to Conquer Man

WE ARE IN A WAR for our body, mind, and soul while being attacked esoterically; including being physically poisoned! This is a trinity attack on body, mind, and soul. The largest corporations are in on it and we have seen a terrific amount of photographs of powerful men holding up the Baphomet hand gesture. This is not just a Texas Longhorn hand symbol as President Bush led people to believe because this symbol is internationally gestured from Italy to Russia. Clearly, all these internationally powerful men are not Texas Longhorn fans!



I say this so you will understand the corporations are not just cutting corners when they add chemicals to food. They are keeping our temple (our body) in a corrupt state. We become chemically imbalanced and eventually diseased. In essence, another distraction albeit physically important but time away from sharpening our minds like iron. That is the true secret to growth spiritually; and it is much akin to the way a ninja responds with moving without thought.

As followers of the teachings of Christ we must begin to live the teachings which will be evident not only in our actions but our reactions. Our emotional responses should be exactly the way Yeshua demonstrated. He stayed in the field of love and consistently operated out of it. Even the way He reacted in the temple when men attempted to profit off spiritual teachings from His Father’s Kingdom.


Warning Adult Language – Fast forward to 42 seconds to hear how Satan operates


That was an act of a parent protecting their child from danger because He knew mixing silver/gold with spiritual principles negates the spiritual. True teaching comes from within the temple (human body) from studying the Word, meditating on the Word, and verification from the Holy Spirit. I am sure we can all agree the current spiritual leadership either focuses on wealth generation or fear based prophecy. None of which is supported by the teachings of Yeshua.

So how are the powerful men who are the minions to the fallen angels achieving this? The number one rule for Satan is to create chaos. When targeting the body it cannot be an external attack but a quiet slow attack. Make sure to watch the video above so you will understand the technique (in order to not raise an alarm) of the slowly unfolding satanic plans.

This is how these corporations attack the human body. Everybody has been to the doctor for a bad cold or sinus infection. Even these powerful men running these corporations have been told do not abuse antibiotics because they can harm your immune system. Yet, McDevils (McDonalds) knowingly injected abnormal amounts of antibiotics into the beef. The chicken and all meat are in the same boat and can be traced back to these very men . . . flashing the Baphomet.



Just as the “fallen” angels taught men antichrist ways, the fallen ones instructed these powerful men to corrupt the food sources in the last days. And it is not just the meat. Even before the GMO era produce was gamma radiated to preserve its shelf life. The same radiation that turned David Banner into the Hulk was beamed into our fruit and vegetables. What happens when these genetically engineered foods are beamed with gamma radiation? What happens to the cellular structure and its effect on bacteria?

Therein lies the rub, because 80% of our immune support begins in our guts. Yes, clearly not a dinner table conversation but the gut is the most important part of our temple. Here, good gut flora is responsible for laying down bacteria which is only recently been explored by science. What they do know is, antibiotics kill the good bacteria which is the precursor to disease. In other words they brought chaos to the gut. This attack on the immune system was cosigned across the meat and produce industry in America.



Almost every disease can be linked to this imbalance in gut flora. The commercials for this food looks really fun and tasty, they just leave out they are killing you softly. This is the satanic chaos food attack on our bodies. Now 75% of our bodies consist of water and that too appears to be spiked with estrogen. Water is vital for all of bodily functions and keeps our blood flowing. Satan found the chemical recipe for making people yearn for same sex partners. They are not born this way as Lady Gaga tries to brainwash you but they are chemically induced.


The major types of estrogen found in our water supply include estrone, estradiol, estriol, and the synthetic ethinylestradiol from medications like the oral contraceptive pill. You could just focus on removing these estrogens from your water supply, and a number of studies have focused on exactly that. The trouble however, is that many of the other more than 100,000 chemicals in wastewater effluent, also have an estrogenic effect on our bodies. These include dihydrofolliculin, octylphenol, nonylphenol, polyethoxylates, trihalomethanes and bisphenol A.


It does not just end with estrogen in the water because there are other chemicals which lead to feminization. Some kids get gay young because they are gay from the water! All you need to do is Google “gay frogs” to see the effect of these chemicals on frog gender. Estrogen acts as a catalyst for the frog’s endocrine receptors which transformed their sexual behavior. This is how the satanic kingdom has feminized America while killing us softly.



This very chemical behavior gives us another clue America is the subject of Isaiah 47. In this Scripture a nation is admonished by the Most High regarding sorcery being used as a practice. The original word in Hebrew for sorcery is pharmakeía and it means: (from pharmakeuō, “administer drugs”) – properly, drug-related sorcery, like the practice of magical-arts, etc. (A. T. Robertson). True, many other countries use sorcery as well but the title “Babylon” means a super power just as Babylon was before its fall.


They will come upon you in full measure,
    in spite of your many sorceries
    and all your potent spells.
10 You have trusted in your wickedness
    and have said, ‘No one sees me.’ - (Isaiah 47:9-10)


I introduced to you that the Super Bowl halftime concert actually doubles as an occult ritual used in conjunction with the Silver Gate. You have four years of multi media analysis which builds the case coupled with known mystic symbols from the Kabbalah. America is in fact practicing magic on a global scale and you see how soft-kill chemicals are used in our food and water. This is the foundation for attacking the temple (body) even if you are otherwise drug free.

Keeping the temple (body) in a constant state of imbalance keeps people distracted and physically focused. The estrogen is precursor to many cancers in addition to feminizing humans who ingest these chemical catalyst. These very powerful men are aware of the impact on the human body yet they mass produced and distribute these tasty poisons. We must remember this is a global cabal as shared with us by President Kennedy. We must make changes to our diet and water consumption in order to heal.

You do not even need to be spiritually driven to see the attack on the minds of the people. This is done through the “tel-eye-vision” where the average American spends an abnormal amount of time. Here you are influenced through flicker rates which program the subconscious mind. I learned this using a high speed camera that takes 1,000 frames per second. While recording Ryan Seacrest you could clearly see how the light patterns emanate from the television.


Miley smoking marijuana on national television


You need only to watch Miley Cyrus on the latest MTV Video Music Awards to see how far the satanic has come. Here Miley becomes the personification of the law “Do what thou wilt.” The new behavior is anything goes and all you have to do is justify it. Miley even burned a Bible on stage and then grabbed an inflatable penis. We are now living in the age of satanism. This was a s-l-o-w-l-y unfolding plan as to not gain immediate global defiance. The people clearly did not see the “poppa bull” coming on this one!

The distractions for your mind fall under carnal desire and materialism. Which is the diametric opposite of the teachings of Yeshua. We are instructed to not let our flesh run our lives but spirit. Our generation indoctrinated into the principles of: technology, carnal desire, materialism, and a hive mind. This generation operates by consensus and one dog can lead a heard. We can all agree the once strong moral fabric of America is now a distant memory.

The most important misdirection and distraction must be made about spirit. Religion has notoriously twisted the Word to serve the interest of men. This dark past included mass murder and other heinous crimes against humanity. For this reason alone the teachings of Christ are misunderstood and the Bible is frowned upon. If you are a student of His teachings you are aware the whole of His law is L-O-V-E.



It has been 2,000 years since Yeshua ascended and we do not have a clear example of any spiritual leader who can demonstrate the Power He said we all have access. Many key spiritual teachings were ferreted away by the Vatican like the Dead Sea Scrolls. Although they have been released to the public now it took over 40 years. How do we know if all of the fragments have been freely shared? What we do know is although people have Faith it has not evolved into anything Christ promised us we can do in His name.

There are names in the Bible like Enoch and Jasher that are mentioned and referenced yet these books are missing from many translated Bibles. Many people are still unaware of these books to this day! We are missing key historical narratives and understanding of the fallen angels, spirituality, and ancient technology. Satan’s biggest weapon is fear because the human mind is wired for it.


Fear is a human emotion that is triggered by a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism that signals our bodies to respond to danger with a fight or flight response. As such, it is an essential part of keeping us safe.

However, people who live in constant fear, whether from physical dangers in their environment or threats they perceive, can become incapacitated. -  Source


When you use fear in conjunction with Biblical prophecy it opens up a constant fear stream until that particular prophecy is fulfilled. A great example would be self appointed “watchmen” who tried to weave Jade Helm into Biblical prophecy. Constantly subject yourself to fear changes the wiring of your brain and you begin to suffer clinical symptoms. This is why the Holy Spirit informed us fear is not of the Kingdom of the Most High. Yet, many spiritual leaders promote fear weekly . . . this is by design.



The fallen angels created secret societies in order to coordinate global efforts regarding their ancient plan. They infiltrated all layers of organizations, institutions, and corporations and this way they could always control entire countries. According to the testimony of Roger Morneau the fallen ones materialized in front of men in these secret societies. He recounted how beautiful they are as well and according to them this spiritual war is just a big misunderstanding.

This “misunderstanding” explains why we as a people are slowly putting the missing spiritual pieces together. Again, it has been 2,000 years since we know of anybody demonstrating comprehensively the Power Christ told us we all have access AND we would be doing them more than him! We have seen so many prosperity preachers increase their own prosperity to massive fortunes. Christ did not demonstrate to us to charge for spiritual teachings from His Father’s Kingdom. He had no interest in demonstrating to us by getting filthy rich teaching truth.



Church denominations were created in order to divest from complete adherence to the Laws of the Most High and shift to the interpretations of man. You need only see the origin of the Church of England and the reason why denominations sprang forth. There are some good men who are pastors who have the best intentions for their flock. They also provide charity and support in the community which is a beautiful thing. These same pastors are essentially in the same boat as most people spiritually who rely on the frame work of only canonized Scripture. We should all be in a state of learning and striving to walk on water (like Peter) whatever the interpretation from literally to metaphorically.

We are at a crossroads spiritually because all of us are suffering with spiritual atrophy in some form. You need only to ask around your own community for any individual who has performed or demonstrated any of the supernatural acts of Christ. The silver lining in all of this is I believe there will people who actually demonstrate what Christ said is possible. According to Him this will and must happen! We need only to keep seeking and turn away from what we know is a distraction. I am excited to be alive during this time because once one rises then more will.

We are at a crossroads spiritually because all of us are suffering with spiritual atrophy in some form. You need only to ask around your own community for any individual who has performed or demonstrated any of the supernatural acts of Christ. The silver lining in all of this is I believe there will people who actually demonstrate what Christ said is possible. According to Him this will and must happen! We need only to keep seeking and turn away from what we know is a distraction. I am excited to be alive during this time because once one rises then more will.



In closing, it is time for us to rebuild our temples. We must start at the gut and it is so important. This probably effects your “gut” instincts as well. We must protect our temples from the poisons being peddled to cripple us. Knowledge is power and we must remember to apply it to ourselves. People are worried about if ISIS is coming to their town while they are being killed softly by the food and water.

The people also need to turn away from this mind control device the television because you are being programmed subconsciously for carnal desire and materialism. Finally, study your Bible and meditate on the Word. The Holy Spirit will guide you through this process. If you are relying on men for Biblical teachings and they are charging you or trying to sell you something run!

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