Bishop Bullwinkle: “Some Preachers (Need to Quit)”

Bishop Bullwinkle: “Some Preachers (Need to Quit)”

Bishop Bullwinkle popped up on YouTube and his single “Hell 2 the Naw Naw” went viral and has had over 3.5 million views over a period of two months. Bishop Bullwinkle is bringing a long overdue approach of telling the truth on the church. Much to the chagrin of many Pastors, Bishop Bullwinkle exposes the hypocritical behavior of these men.

In his next song aptly titled, “Some Preachers,” Bishop Bullwinkle exposes the corrupt inner workings of the church. From sexual immorality where preachers sleep around their church while fleecing the wealth from the people. Bishop Bullwinkle even states in his song that a preacher had an affair with his wife!



What is driving the popularity of Bishop Bullwinkle is his soulful voice reminiscent of the Eddie Levert era. His voice is authentic and he is calling it like he sees it. I hope Bishop Bullwinkle keeps exposing the hypocrisy in the church by the corrupt preachers in some of these churches.

We must remember there are also some really good preachers/pastors out there that are sincere and concerned about the best interest of their flocks. So let’s not pigeonhole all preachers as hypocrites. At the same time be aware because you might have one of these preachers Bishop Bullwinkle is singing about in your church.

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