Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops III – Transhuman Propaganda

Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops III – Transhuman Propaganda

I am a gamer who was born into the birth of the Gamer’s Age. I watched Atari became the rage and revolutionize home entertainment with gaming integration with existing television systems. Once the electronic circuit board became mass produced handheld games became the rage. I am not talking about today’s Sony PSP but the football game which was nothing more than LED blips on the screen.


Mattel Digital Handheld Football Game Recreation of 1970s classic


Even I am amazed at the modern X-Box and Playstation games storylines, graphics, and haptic devices. I can only imagine what games my grandchildren will play but they probably will be integrated with the human mind somehow! Watching the latest trailer for Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops III makes you realize all eyes are on merging technology and hardware with the human body. Children, teenagers, and ehem, adult gamers are all being conditioned for this future reality.



The conditioning process is actually quite genius where the observer interacts through different media like: television, music, movies, videos, and gaming. It is literally the case where the observer gravitates toward their interest and the propaganda is not forced upon them! While playing games like Black Ops the gamer is introduced to technology integrated with the human mind and body. They see the benefits in the gaming universe and yearn for it in reality.

Is all technology inherently bad? Absolutely not! However, when integrating it with the human mind could be. There are many risk and some appear to be small but the biggest risk is the unknown. All forms of technology can be hacked. There is also the possibility of viruses. It certainly looks beneficial on the outside but mankind should tread with caution because of the unknown.

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