Original 9/11 News Coverage Tells a Different Story

Original 9/11 News Coverage Tells a Different Story

I was in New York City on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. I remember watching the news coverage as it happened. I learned that if you watch the news as its unfolding you will be able to compare it to the subsequent opposite narrative the media programs the population. I remember watching the news and man was in the background on the payphone, firefights could be heard saying there were bombs in the building.



I even road a mountain bike from the Bronx to St. Vincent’s Hospital and helped unload medical equipment after a call for support over the television. Afterward, I headed toward the World Trade Center only to be met with a huge crowd frantically running toward me as Building 7 fell into its own footprint.  I remember thinking to myself, “Why would they crash planes into the buildings if they were already wired for demolition?”

I applaud YouTube producer Xendrius for aggregating this news footage because this is what I saw that day. It is evidence the media is complicit by not sharing the truth with the people. It paints a picture that elite families and the Jewish cabal all had an interest in 9/11. How can you deny what the news media showed us originally? We really have them to thank for getting the truth out and them to thank for suppressing the truth.

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Michael Erevna

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