New Class of Camera: Introducing the Light L16

New Class of Camera: Introducing the Light L16

Looking at the photographs taken by the Light L16 leaves you speechless because you realize any amateur photographer can take pictures like a professional photographer with it. It is as if anyone holding the Light L16 has expert knowledge of: aperture, depth of field, shutter speed, and focal adjustments . . . because they do! Most amateur photographers never tap into these things because of the learning curve and stick with the settings they see on the dial. That was until the advent of this “multi-aperture computational camera.”



This is the real take away with this innovative camera is the software does all of this for you using its own lenses and software. The software calculates everything for you like a professional photographer measuring aperture, depth of field, shutter speed, and focal adjustments. The innovation does not end there either. Next, when taking a picture at least 10 lenses (out of 16) fire off and then algorithms layer the images into one high-resolution picture professionally shot.

The higher the resolution setting the more lenses will be used in a picture all the way to 52 megapixels. Which means blowing up pictures from the Light L16 to poster size will not lose any of the quality. To see the ambient light captured from this amazing camera makes you realize with the traditional DSLRs you would need to swap a filter over the lens to capture this effect. The Light L16 eliminates the need to ever swap a lens or filter again; meaning you will always be Johnny on the spot with your memories or art.



Another plus is the camera runs Android as its operating system making integration with Android applications a plus. By using Android the camera has a mature operating system and many users will already be familiar with it as an interface. It wirelessly synchronizes with your laptop or desktop or cell phone giving the photographer options to create or share instantly. The Light L16 has created a new class in the digital camera market and with any first generation innovation comes a high price tag. Or so it would seem to the inexperienced camera consumer.

It is really adequately priced when you take into consideration lenses alone could run into the thousands of dollars for any DSLR on the market. Also various lens filters for ambient light, sparkle effects, and polarization, etc., could cost hundreds of dollars per filter. So do not be shocked when you see the Light L16 cost $1,699 before taxes. The Light L16 is well worth the price because you are saving money on lenses and filters having them built into the camera. If you had one camera the rest of your life this would be it . . . and it can fit in your pocket. Sadly, you have to wait until mid summer of 2016 to have it.

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