Mythological Creature Pulled from Tube Well in India?

Mythological Creature Pulled from Tube Well in India?

Yesterday, we ran a post titled, “INDIA FINDS SMALL HUMANOID CREATURES IN THE EARTH! (YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS),” where our source in India sent us pictures of a strange creature pulled from the Earth. Since then our source contacted us with additional details surrounding this bizarre discovery. It occurred in the State of Rajasthan in a village named Sadadi. We originally reported there were two creatures but according to this update there was one.



According to the report, while digging a tube well the creature was discovered. This can be seen in one of the pictures sent to Revelation Now. Our source went on to share with us they believe there are underground cities or habitation for these species. In mythological tales in India there are stories of “Patala.” There is a global understanding there is more going on IN the Earth we have been conditioned to believe. Again, I would be remiss if I did not question if the “creature” is a discarded deformed fetus.


In Indian religions, patala (Sanskrit Pātāla) denotes subterranean realms where lower beings such as nāgas, vetalas and asuras reside.

In Hindu cosmology, the universe is divided into the three worlds: svarga (the upper regions), Prithvi (earth) and Patala (the underworld);[1] the Svarga has six regions or lokas and the Patala has seven lokas.[2] The Danavas (demon sons of Danu), Daityas (demon sons of Diti), Yakshas and the snake-people Nagas live in the realms of Patala.[2]

In Vajrayana Buddhism, caves inhabited by asuras are entrances to Patala; these asuras, particularly female asuras, are often “tamed” (converted to Buddhism) as dharmapala or dakinis by famous Buddhist figures such as Padmasambhava.[3]

There appears to be a distrust of the Government in India when it comes to sharing information with the people. This is not just an American thing! Our source believes a doctor is holding the creature, yet this story did not make the news in India. Is there a scientific cover up regarding these creatures in the Earth? Or is this nothing more than an aborted fetus?

Although it appears the creature is a bit bloated from being in the water it is relatively intact. What we do not know is how deep the tube well had been dug before the discovery of the creature. I do wonder if this is how trolls actually look because this creature has a distinct look. If we are sent any additional updates to this post we will certainly keep you updated.

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