Good Bye Flat Earthers: The CURVE is Out the Bag!

Good Bye Flat Earthers: The CURVE is Out the Bag!

Biblical scripture can be used as a dangerous tool to deceive those who choose to be deceived. If you are not promoting the lessons Christ demonstrated to the world and have set yourself up as a “spiritual teacher” in order to profit off mass ignorance; you are no better than the Pharisees Christ reviled. What is criminal about people who have decided to profit off Dark Age philosophies is that it is a distraction from reality.

I personally encountered commenters who passionately defended their flat earth theory by using Biblical quotes to establish the Earth is flat. They even went as far as building models using graphics packages to visually stimulate the plausibility of their twisted scripture. The core premise for the flat Earth movement was NASA’s video and pictures of the obviously round Earth were deemed fake. This whole premise is indicative of lack of due process where the plaintiff makes allegations at a defendant who will never see a trial.



In other words you can say anything these days, build a case around it, and people will follow you. What does this say about the people who followed the flat earth theory? There is clearly a formula to be applied to the people who took the flat Earth bait. There is obviously an extreme distrust of world governments and institutions. These distrustful feelings creep into just about everything other facet of the matrix we live in and soon there is a distrust for all things. To the point where people with absolutely zero credentials can create a “career” for themselves by peddling theories fortified with twisted Scripture.

Our current civilization has progressively matured to the point where scientific expertise is required in a number of disciplines to comprehensively understand the true nature of the Universe. Many of these self appointed flat earth peddlers have no where near the required credentials to correctly synthesize science and spirit. I attempted to explain to a flat earther the importance of correctly using Strong’s Concordance to understand the true meaning of a Biblical translation.



Those who speak more than one language will agree, one phrase in a language sometimes does not translate to English very clearly. Also words in another language can have multiple English words to describe their intention. Most people agree Hebrew is a language much is lost in translation to English. These facts elluded the logic of the flat earther and they were adamant the Earth is flat.



Now not one but two stories have hit the international wire where two separate balloons equipped with cameras captured the CURVE of the Earth. Although a recent video of a near space balloon launch video captured the Earth’s curve it was dismissed by flat earthers because a fish-eye lens was used. This time around there are two recent videos using standard lenses where both launches captured the curve of the Earth.



It is irrefutable now because both of the launches were engineered by civilians! One a 19 year old student and the other a father and son. In fact, these two launches personally saved me time and money! Revelation Now was in the midst of setting up for our own launch in February and now that is clearly not necessary. The Earth is round and there is a great shot in the Scottish video of the steep curve of the Earth.



We as a people have to stop entertaining nonsense into our spiritual minds. It is like a virus which retards our ability to move forward and without movement things stagnate. We are in the throes of an ancient war which operates on principles from the spirit realm. Our reality is infused with occult symbols which control and trigger the spiritually stagnate. What was the real takeaway if the Earth was flat or round spiritually?

Those who read the Bible understand this world is temporary while spirit is eternal. What this reinvigorated flat earth movement did was divide people and cause passionate ignorance to be the weapon of choice. Soon it was okay to be snarky and dismissive as Biblical quotes were delved out . . . to flatten the Earth. We have so much potential as people that Christ decided to lay down His life for us. We must be very special and we need to realize this real soon.



In closing, I was shocked to see so many people jump on the flat earth bandwagon. It showed me people are happy to read other people’s research without vetting the source or practicing common sense. When these self appointed teachers begin to profit off twisted scripture it is time to get Twisted Sister and say, “We’re not going to take it!” We need to be asking questions like, “How will this move me forward spiritually?”



We must train our minds to detect lies and deceit. It is the motives of the heart that drives this flat earth train wreck. I remember when people would go to beauty salons to read magazines to gain an opinion. Now the Internet is here and false doctrine can be peddled quicker and to a larger audience. You should have known something was wrong with this flat earth stuff when you could not tell your boss or your co-workers . . . the earth is flat.

Then you would be wondering why you never got that promotion. Now with two current stories of near space balloon launches with great curved earth video the jig is up. I hope people take a good look at themselves and realize they need to change how they think. There is nothing wrong with that either. This is what Christ wanted for all of us and that is to change how we think using spiritual teachings and using spiritual laws.



What does anyone have to show who dipped their big toe into the flat earth swimming pool? When you realize what is really going on you change the way you operate. You will realize you have access to great power and begin to use it in this war. I can tell you right now that you did not use it becoming a cheerleader for the flat earth. Mr. Miyage told Daniel, “Best Karate still inside.”

And that is true in the spiritual sense because called it what you want, the Kingdom, a portal, a wormhole . . . there is great power INSIDE us and we seem to be chasing everything OUTSIDE us. I hope you all wake up from this distraction and find the best karate inside you! Become a student of the Word and develop spiritual discernment and you will avoid the flat earth movement because it will return. It seems to gain steam every ten years or perhaps these latest two videos are the final nail in the heart of the flat earth? Time will tell…

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