In Old News: Newly Discovered Planet the Size of Jupiter?

In Old News: Newly Discovered Planet the Size of Jupiter?

The recently published theory of a “ninth” planet (when it really should be the tenth) by researchers at the California Institute of Technology has caused a ground swell of Nibiru post inundating the blogosphere. Meanwhile, there are several videos circulating the Internet showing our Sun and another celestial body right behind it for some time now. Furthermore, this California Institute of Technology theory is not new. In 1983, The Washington Post published the same type story in 1983.



For decades scientist were suspicious an extremely large celestial object caused perturbations to the planets: Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus. They deduced this celestial object had to be the size of Jupiter to effect the revolutions of said planets. These scientific facts give credence to the Sumerian accounts of a tenth planet. It is here this tenth planet becomes intertwined with the Earth where celestial beings became known as the gods. Independent researchers are right to focus their attentions on this ancient myth because according to prophecy this tenth planet will return with the gods.

If we look at the fact the original extra-planetary announcement came out in 1983 what is really novel about this re-announcement from California Institute of Technology? In my opinion nothing at all! We have no more information than we did in 1983! Then it was postulated this object could be a near by star or a giant comet the size of Jupiter. What makes this find fascinating is the tenth planet was found in Orion.


The Washington Post article proves this is old news


Orion is where many believe Christ and His Army of Shining Ones will return from and then descend into the atmosphere of the Earth. The Bible literally states in Isaiah 13:5 the Army of the Most High led by His Son is coming from the end of the heavens. Throughout my research I have reiterated the Golden and Silver Gates of heaven are in Orion. Some believe these are dimensional gates that lead to the different levels of heaven.



Perhaps this giant object could be a star because Orion is also known as the star nursery or the place where stars are born. Whatever the case both cases from academia and scientist point to Orion as the location for a mysterious Jupiter sized object tugging at the orbits of Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus. Sumerian accounts speak of a tenth planet the size of Jupiter which was the planet of the gods. Remember the adage, “Where there is smoke there is fire?”

There must be a truth to the ancient and modern account of this tenth planet. Many independent researchers believe this planet is close and can be seen in video. I would have to disagree based on perturbations and Earth reactions to it. Because the core of the Earth is compiled of super dense ores and crystals the magnetic force of a planet the size of Jupiter would cause cataclysmic events on the Earth. We are talking about massive earthquakes and massive storms…including electrical storms. Dormant volcanoes would erupt and the Sun would most likely shoot massive corona mass ejections at the Earth.

Right now we are seeing videos of an object next to the Sun but from a perturbation stand point the Earth is not violently reacting. Which begs the question what are e seeing next to the Sun in these video. Many backyard astronomers can appreciate Jupiter through a telescope but imagine seeing it clearly next to the Sun. If that day ever comes it will be apocalyptic. In my opinion, the latest omission from academia a Jupiter sized object is lurking behind Pluto is nothing new. I wonder why this story is being released again with not much more information.



In closing, the ancient accounts of a tenth planet must be true because they had a map of all of the planets in our solar system before our civilization rediscovered them. This tenth planet is linked to Orion which has a prophetic Biblical connection as well. Scientist and academia concur the perturbations of: Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus prove a Jupiter size (or larger) object is lurking outside of our solar system. If this planet is on its own elliptical orbit then the apogee of this orbit would put the Earth at great risk.

Keep your eyes on Orion because there is something extremely special about this part of space.

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