Japanese Weather Satellite Captures the Earth in Technical Color!

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A Japanese satellite launched on October 7, 2014 transmitted a true technical color image of the planet Earth. The image used interlaced multiple wavelength bands which presents a rich color experience of the spherical Earth. The satellite was christened the Himawari-8 and was placed into a geostationary orbit 22,240 miles away from the Earth. The core application of the Himawari 8 satellite is track weather conditions of the East Asia and Western Pacific regions. The next satellite, called Himawari-9, will launch in 2016.


The GREY planet: Japanese weather satellite captures true-colour images showing what Earth REALLY looks like without filters or editing


I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact Japan is not affiliated with NASA and they too have photographed the Earth using satellites and get this…it is round.


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