Fresh Water Out of Thin Air!

Fresh Water Out of Thin Air!

Every now and then a game changer emerges and Airo is as an off-the-grid must have list. They basically miniaturized elements of an air conditioner and if you have ever had a window unit you know there is constant water dripping. Kudos to Fontus for this innovation because this is better than a survival straw which acts to filter out harmful pathogens living in untreated water. This water literally created from air by the laws of condensation.



Anatolii Mikhailovich, said, “The basic idea behind this or similar method is a simple law of physics: condensation will happen if humid air ( even at a low percentage of humidity) is cooled down. All you need is a colder surface when temperature of the air is going up, or temperature of a surface going down when the air is trapped.” Airo is designed to do this using these principles by forcing air in and then cooling it.

This first generation unit appears to have to be mounted to a bicycle to in order to function properly. As a former mountain bike rider I can tell you I ran out of water frequently and the Camel Back never really worked for me. I think the Airo innovation will take the cycling world by storm as well as the outdoorsman. It is amazing to watch the water bottle fill itself up and I am more than curious about the taste of the water. As long as AIRO is using BPA free plastics and they address removing airborne pathogens and pollution. . . they certainly have my vote.


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