Super Bowl 50 . . . The Sugar Bowl

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Now that Super Bowl 50 has passed every blog and YouTube producer has jumped in to analyze the obvious. Please remember I told you things that happened before they happened. I did not have to wait to tell you what the themes would be and boy was I right. The executives at SB 50 did so many things covertly it effected the analysis of the outcome. At the time of publishing my prediction Bruno Mars had not yet confirmed as an act. As a result I was not able to factor in his occult roll in the outcome.


Her god is Lucifer


If I would have known Bruno Mars would be included I could have reactivated the planet Mars and the White Horse. It is imperative to understand I predicted the LGBT spell before any other human on the Earth. I am able to do this because the Most High sends me insights and I am able to discern them. This was the first Super Bowl prediction I did where I did not title the piece, “The Spirit World Winner…” and titled this one, “The Occult Prediction of Super Bowl 50.”


Lady Gaga swears to Lucifer!


This time I wanted to focus on the hidden elements and the true agenda of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which was the LGBT movement. How did I know this would be the theme before it happened? Because I realized Mercurian energies would be harnessed to further soften the minds and accept the LGBT agenda, hence the rainbow colors in the show and commercials which drilled home this point.

Let’s take a look at exactly what I predicted:


1.  “The Super Bowl 50 ritual will be about pansexual energies to change the world.”


Pansexual behavior can be defined as having a sexual relationship with a man, woman, or animal as a result of having an emotional connection with them. The game started off with Lady Gaga who is basically an ambassador for the LGBT movement and linked to Satanism.


2.   “These Mercury energies will be harnessed to turn Super Bowl 50 into the Transgender Bowl which will spill out into the rest of the world.”



3.   “Pansexual behavior includes having an intimate and sexual relationship with animals.”



4. “…in the Chinese Zodiac, February 8, 2016, begins the year of the Monkey and the monkey is associated with the planet Mercury. I will not be surprised if monkeys are incorporated into the performance!”



5. “We can also expect an LGBT commercial in order to influence the masses.”


Expedia commercial played during Super Bowl 50

I will present other extraordinary insights in the follow up post. Please stay patient and stay tuned.

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  • Steve Hartman

    Thank you for the update. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

  • ztp

    Regarding Lucifer, have you seen any of the new Fox television show ‘Lucifer’? It comes on Monday’s at 9:00PM (Eastern). The producers go out of their way to portray Lucifer as a tall, dark, handsome, yet sympathetic and admirable character with a heart of gold.

    Lucifer is for kids: There is a young girl, who plays the daughter of a main character, who absolutely adores loves Lucifer! Even more than her own biological father.

    If Predictive Programming is real, pushing the open worship of Lucifer is another vector aimed, like a dagger, at the heart of our species. The message is: women should find the Dark One as a hot stud and young girls should seem him as their surrogate (or true) Father.

    With the LGBT and sex (which I think you are understating, mainstreaming child sex is also part of the Agenda), expect to see more open worship of the occult and Luciferianism.

    • Philip Sieve

      They know they are lying. Even secular Satanists believe Satan is about taking care of number one–that being one self. You know the religious ones must also believe that.

  • David Wood

    at the pregame, the empty seats were predominantly red behind the announcers, which I took as Mars being submissive and coupled with the Broncos 18 being 666 and wearing white uniforms, it showed Mars was present, (showed up in the Half in the “flesh”) but not for war, just like you were saying. also the pregame desk’s glass gave off that blue hue you showed, and there were definite splashes of that yellow alongside. the colors were there.
    speaking of the Half; when Beyonce started (I mean really started with Sasha Fierce) it was almost like you could see the magnetic, shaking moment when she entered….Even others in the room with untrained eyes thought that was freaky.
    I also think you where right in the Broncos trying to throw the game. I think that was evident when #22 made the score 22. I believe it was a message from the Most High that He is still in control. I always view 22 as significant since there are 22 original Aramaic characters in His text.

    Great analysis in your articles as always Mr. Erevna. May God continue to bless you even in this midst of covert darkness knowing that one day ALL will be made right and the Way as it was intended in the beginning.