“They Live” a Documentary about ZIONISM and BLACK MAGIC!

“They Live” a Documentary about ZIONISM and BLACK MAGIC!

Imagine my surprise while watching the movie “They Live” when I encounter occult symbols on the wall in one scene. These symbols are supposed to be an “alien” language, yet they are similar to the hidden symbols in the windows of Independence Hall on the $100 dollar bill. The same symbols you see in the movie, “Deliver Us From Evil” and in my journey for truth I have learned these symbols can be used to write what is known as a spell. These very symbols are ancient Hebrew!

This is probably the least discussed topic in Christian circles because of a lack of understanding. Renowned men of the Bible used this very “Spirit Science” to call upon angels and effect other necessary change for their own purpose. The most famous practitioner was King Solomon who peacefully ruled Israel for forty years. Even the surrounding Kingdoms prospered during this time. This was because King Solomon built upon the wisdom of his father King David and mastered the laws of spiritual applications.


that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. -- (Matthew 5:45)


The Most High created immutable laws which will work for the just and the unjust. This is why it rains on the just and the unjust. I believe what is called “magic” is actually related to the “Magi” in the Bible. These men are probably the least discussed men in the Bible for a lack of knowledge of who they were. These men had the ability to chart the movements of planets through star constellations and just “know” when, where, and the time the Messiah would be born!



The Magi spoke the language of the Universe and these symbols on the money and movies like “They Live” and “Deliver Us from Evil” do this very thing; they can also be used in various configurations like “Magic Windows.” If you read the “Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses” you will see similar symbols used to communicate with celestial beings in the realm of spirit. So, the question is: What are these symbols doing on the wall in the movie, “They Live?” Where they clues left by John Carpenter who these aliens really are?



If you study the pentacles of King Solomon you will see these symbols “spelled” out for specific outcomes. The symbols in “They Live” are placed there for the subconscious of the viewer. The question is what effect does it have on the viewer? Why go to all of the trouble of obscurely placing these symbols on the $100 bill if they do not have a purpose? Because spiritual beings can be called upon by using these ancient symbols.

What we have now is a clear and discernable pattern of ancient “magical” symbols occulted on: movies and United States currency. “They Live” appears to be more of an artistic documentary than purely entertainment.  The Bible tells us when Christ returns He will separate the wheat from the tares. There appears to be two different species of man where one truly is “man” and the other is something else!


They Live : John Carpenter World Message of Zionism


This other species appears perfectly human, but is secretly working in collusion to rule over mankind. After seeing the Super Bowl 50 occult ritual you should now understand ancient spiritual science is used to make intentions manifest in our realm. Remember His laws are immutable and I believe these secrets were stolen in 70 AD by the Romans led by Emperor Titus who besieged and captured Jerusalem. The Second Temple was plundered and then burned to the ground. These ancient spiritual applications were passed down through secret societies and practiced in plain view through rituals masked as “art” today. The unwitting humans who observe these rituals are nothing more than meat batteries energizing a spell.



Just the act of inscribing certain Hebrew symbols and planetary symbols calls upon spiritual entities that must respond to the call. This is what a true “spell” is . . . if you just talking into the air without them . . . you are just talking into the air. This is why these ancient Hebrew characters must be present and observable by the target audience. This is also neatly falls in line with the fact we are in a spiritual war.

Non flesh and blood entities are being called off the bench to influence the psyche of the observers. Remember “They Live” is supposed to be about an alien race masquerading as humans, yet ancient Hebrew symbols have found their way into the backdrop of the movie. You cannot deny the fact there is a pattern here where ancient Hebrew characters come into play. Now the question is how do we defend our subconscious minds against this spiritual assault?

If you study King Solomon you will see he created pentacles to protect himself from spiritual assault! He knew all things begin in spirit first and built his empire around these precepts. It is clear King Solomon immersed himself into the studies of spiritual warfare and these same tactics are being deployed on the unsuspecting world today. I believe this is why John Carpenter covertly used Hebrew symbols to silently implicate the Zionist agenda.

It is no secret that major Hollywood production houses are run by Ashkenazi Jews. These are the same Jews who run the current state of Israel. They have the whole world fooled they are the “chosen people” who run a Jewish state deeply committed to the commandments in the Old Testament. The irony is Israel is now considered the Lesbian Gay Transgender Bi-Sexual mecca of the Middle East.


Tel Aviv Gay Parade 2015


This LGBT fact is censored by mainstream media and proves this false Jewish state is a front for immorality and the unnatural. Anyone against Nature is against the Most High! John Carpenter realized that Zionist handlers have silently corrupted art into a machine which drives the Zionist agenda. The “Protocols of Zion” makes it perfectly clear the only race fit to live are these Ashkenazi Jews! If you look at their Zionist benefactors like the Rothchilds you will see they even look different than the human race.

Could the shape of the skull be the smoking gun of who the enemies of mankind are? Are these elongated skulls the tell tale sign of who the true rulers of this world? If you have never read the “Protocols of Zion” it is a must read. Here you will read the global plan for world domination and the destruction of ALL of the human races . . . except the Ashkenazi Jew. You can get mad at me all you want because I did not write this book nor did I give these folks strangely shaped skulls.

If we look at the fruit of the Zionist agenda you will find a track record of everything that happened in the movie “They Live.” Is this a coincidence or a documentary where these ancient Jewish symbols are the calling card of the true aliens blended in with mankind. As we all fight among ourselves they sit on the sidelines and watch their financed wars kill their enemies. I believe John Carpenter warned the people through this movie and the writing is on the wall . . . literally!

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