The Last Days: Why Men’s Hearts Will FAIL!

The Last Days: Why Men’s Hearts Will FAIL!

There is a great fascination with end time prophecy. In fact, this is all some “ministries” focus on because at the end of the “lesson” is usually something to sell to the listener, so the “ministry” can profit. If were actually a student of end time prophecy you would know there is nothing that will save you. Especially, freeze dried food, silver, gold, or any earthly made weapon.  It will be during this time the very reaction of fear itself will lead to death!


26 men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. (Luke 21:26)


This fear reaction will be based on what the observer witnesses and it is here we will explore the plausibility of what will be seen. I will admit this involves guesswork based on ancient text, modern scientific capabilities, and expectation based on Biblical narratives. Before we being let’s understand how a person can actually be scared to death . . . and yes this is real. According to Scientific America the body has a built in fight or flight mechanism built into the human psyche.


The body has a natural protective mechanism called the fight-or-flight response, which was originally described by Walter Cannon [chairman of Harvard University’s physiology department from 1906 to 1942]. If, in the wild, an animal is faced with a life-threatening situation, the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system responds by increasing heart rate, increasing blood flow to the muscles, dilating the pupils, and slowing digestion, among other things. All of this increases the chances of succeeding in a fight or running away from, say, an aggressive jaguar. This process certainly would be of help to primitive humans, but the problem, of course, is that in the modern world there is very limited advantage of the fight-or-flight response. There is a downside to revving up your nervous system like this. The autonomic nervous system uses the hormone adrenaline, a neurotransmitter, or chemical messenger, to send signals to various parts of the body to activate the fight-or-flight response. This chemical is toxic in large amounts; it damages the visceral (internal) organs such as the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. It is believed that almost all sudden deaths are caused by damage to the heart. There is almost no other organ that would fail so fast as to cause sudden death. Kidney failure, liver failure, those things don’t kill you suddenly.


Understanding how fear kills will help us glean an insight of what to expect and that is the unexpected. One could make a case every sci-fi movie we have ever seen has prepared the human mind and expectation for what is coming. This is no more true than being prepared for an intellectually stimulating conversation with a dog. Whatever is coming will be so frightening at first sight the observer will pass out! Please remember the Bible said “men’s hearts will fail” and I believe that distinction was made to highlight the unbelievable horror which will be witnessed.



The Bible tells us one third of the “fallen” angels left their original estate. The question is where did they go besides Earth? We know according to the Book of Jasher genetic cross gene splicing was made between animals and between man and animal. We must also ask if genetic hybridization occurred across all Kingdoms. Here we must consider animals, plants, and insects and remember the angels observed the creation process. Greek mythology is probably the most popular recognition of animal spliced with human in the form of the minotaur.

According to the Greek myth the wife of King Minos, Queen Pasiphae, had sexual intercourse with a bull and gave birth to Minotaur. If you have an understanding of genetics you would know there are barriers which cannot be cross between sperm and ovum. Meaning in the Middle East, there should be a nation of “sheep people” by now; but there is not . . . if you can catch my drift. If we except that Minotaur was real then ancient genetic fusion was at play.



The Bible also speaks of scorpio men who will come to the Earth and I would be remiss if I did not mention the army of the Most High is from the edge of Heaven from another planet according to the Book of Isaiah. There is an extraterrestrial warning to those who can divide the Word correctly. Remember even the Most High uses His enemies to attack his enemies and His people! You need only read Deuteronomy 28 to understand how the Most High gave the Chosen people over to their enemies after they broke the covenant.


They come from faraway lands, from the ends of the heavens-- the LORD and the weapons of his wrath-- to destroy the whole country. (Isaiah 13:5)


We can also assume that whatever it is that makes the “hearts of men fail” will not look human. It will not look like anything we have seen before in a movie. There must be shock value to what is witnessed. This must be defined as horror: an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust. In order for the observance to be shock it must never before have been witnessed. Do you really think you are going to offer these beings gold to escape?


This is a girl scout compared to what the Most High has in store for the Earth


We cannot rule out the “fallen” angels working directly in modern times in deep underground biolabs. We must also consider the Vatican is in possession of ancient genetic recipe books! The real concern should be what the Most High is sending to the Earth. Even people who think they are Christians must be concerned because many of them will be ostracized by Yeshua Himself! Many Christians who are as mean as rattlesnakes or fool the world by “acting” good will be in fear at this time. This is why it is paramount to start “being” the way Yeshua directed us. I cannot stress this enough.



The Most High will measure the hearts of the Believers and if you are found to be a contradiction get ready to receive your ticket for the fear train. I hope we are all found worthy to escape all of these things. What is coming (and it IS coming) is nothing we can imagine and it might be sheer volumes of horror all at once. If anything the best movie financially might be investing in adult diapers! All I know is that I expect the worse and I consider myself I well read person. This will not be enough to protect my heart for what is coming. These best we can do is conform our hearts to Christ as soon as possible. The fruit will be in your behavior and the eyes of others. Live to be above reproach.

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