Rabbit Hole News: The Secret Facts Behind the Orlando Massacre

Rabbit Hole News: The Secret Facts Behind the Orlando Massacre

Every now and then as an independent researcher you encounter a website you tip your hat or even realize it is something special. It presents a vast array of behind the scenes knowledge and coupled with the understanding of: processes, people, history, and their resources. It also gives you an overlay of ancient connections which operate in modern times. If you ever read the “Spook Behind the Door” then you will realize this is somebody who knows from the inside the post he is presenting. I dare say for beginner to advanced independent researchers this is a must site because it comprehensively addresses the big picture.

It proves through people associations their motivation and symbols which link them to ancient pagan gods in the Bible. The level of effort and volume, including illustrations and references build strong cases against the players in this spiritual war. This site does not specialize in “meat and potatoes,” but filet mignon in terms of the information outlay. This is one of those sites you would not be surprised if was suddenly cut off. I strongly suggest you take the time to read the research on this site. It reminds me of the research I covered in my early twenties, where Steve Cokley (RIP) would connect the dots from the: ancient gods, goddesses, secret orders, and associations to the present.

In the post title, UPDATE, CYBELE, SATANISTS, BLOOD-EATERS & THE ORLANDO HOMOSEXUAL FALSE FLAG CLUB MASSACRE the author covers the latest news inconsistencies and identifies the machinations behind the Orlando massacre. From reading the author’s “about” page he states, “On May 19, 1969, Malcolm X Day Celebration and Black Student Conference at Merritt Junior College, I unwittingly came face-to-face with one of the military-industrial-medical complex experimental products, a prototype Black zombie assassin.

I would say that is a life changing moment and it explains the keen interest, meticulous research, and insider information. Please share your thoughts in the comment section, if you will.

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