EXCLUSIVE: Same Corporation Linked to ISIS Stabbings & Bombing?

EXCLUSIVE: Same Corporation Linked to ISIS Stabbings & Bombing?

This just in from one of our sources and it is quite interesting. I found it peculiar New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio refused not to label two crock pots full of explosives an act of terrorism. I am very curious at a sequence of events the last week that carry the hallmarks of terrorism in the Middle East. From the “250,000” gallons plus spilling from the gasoline pipeline that ranges from Houston to New York including stabbings and bombs in Minnesota to New York City. It appears foreign nationals nested throughout the United States have been activated.


I have found a connection to the NY bombing and the Isis related stabbing. They both occurred in a mutually owned corporations holding. The GGP corporation which spun off Howard Hughes Corporation. Now owned by Rausch, Rockefeller, Vegas….all the big boys. It’s possible Boston took place in one of their building/malls, but I haven’t had time to go further. They also received funding to develop New Towns….it is quite possible that one of their holdings could be another staging. I also need to look up club in Florida.


If our source is correct it will show who exactly is manipulating the strings of the proxies of death. This is a major discovery and if I was a detective I would be all over this like stank on a monkey. This investigator has found a corporate link which is the backdrop to this terrorism. What is interesting is the usual suspects are connected like the Rockefeller family and I am sure the rabbit hole goes deeper. Check back soon as the story develops.




Updated 9/19/2016 (8:13 AM EST.): General Growth Properties, Inc. is an American real estate investment trust

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