Swamp Thing Juice? Pipe Pours Out Neon Green Water In Milwaukee!

Swamp Thing Juice? Pipe Pours Out Neon Green Water In Milwaukee!

While the Presidential candidates trade barbs and jockey for position in the public mind; a diversion is taking place. Stammering on about foreign policy and costly military incursions while the basic needs of the people are not being met. Here is an extreme case of toxic water in the city water system in Milwaukee. The neon green substance is troubling to see and this story did not make the syndicated news feeds.



The American water supply is suspect and in some municipalities estrogen is found in the water. This estrogen hormone in the water causes a hormonal imbalance which leads to cancer. The American people need to stand up for basic needs. The water and food supply is the suspect in the burgeoning cancer industry. Please send this to the Presidential candidates.

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Michael Erevna

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