5 Reasons GIANTS Existed

5 Reasons GIANTS Existed

Through out time giants have been given a bad name. From Goliath, Cyclops, to the giants from Jack and the Beanstalk humans usually ended up dead or a juicy snack…depending on your weight. Excepting giants existed is not a ubiquitous belief; and this video gives those who distrust this notion food for thought. There are many stone artifacts in Baalbek, Lebenon, with architectural proportions dwarfing the capacity to practically serve humans.


The “Age of Dinosaurs” is the Mesozoic Era, which is divided into three periods: the Triassic (245-208 million years ago), Jurassic (208-145 million years ago), and Cretaceous (145-66 million years ago).


In my opinion, it is plausible giant humans existed because of the size of the dinosaurs. If the Age of Dinosaurs was destroyed in a cataclysmic event then there so goes the fate of the race of giants. We also have the fact many cultures around the world recognize the fact the entire Earth was once flooded. I would be remiss if I did mention Numbers 13:33, where it was recorded the humans were a grasshopper size to the giants. It took two men to carry a cluster of giant grown grapes on a pole!



If this does not convince you The Most High is real, you need only to dwell on the power of the giants. They appear to be very advanced and could cut stone with laser precision. Our current crane technology cannot even lift these stones. The native American Indians had witness accounts of giants running up on a herd of buffalo and ripping them in half like Italian bread. Some how humans came out on top against a highly advance physical superior being. And from what we understand at one point in ancient times vast numbers of them.



The Book of Enoch, speaks of the return of giants in the last days. We cannot be sure if this will be a physical event or a spiritual one. I always believed demons are actually the spirits of dead giants and this is why when possessed the person has tremendous strength. The story of David vs. Goliath shows us with the support of The Most High all things are possible…even beating down a 18 foot tall giant!

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