Days of Jasher: The Pig Men are COMING!

Days of Jasher: The Pig Men are COMING!

The Book of Jasher is mentioned in the Bible, yet it is a missing book of the Bible and considered apocryphal.  This means the authenticity of this book is in question, yet it is mentioned in the (Book of Joshua and Samuel) Bible. One of the reasons it is doubted by academics is it claims gene splicing between animals and animals; including animals and man, occurred in ancient times. Even the Bible lends credence to the plausibility gene splicing occurred in ancient times because the Bible states “there is nothing new under the Sun.”


and he commanded that it be taught to the people of Judah. It is known as the Song of the Bow, and it is recorded in The Book of Jashar. - 2 Samuel 2:18


We have all heard of these ancient accounts of gene spliced beings from the griffin to the Minotaur. We can only assume there were even more creations than our current understanding based on ancient accounts. Modern scientist are blazing old trails into clinical trials which include growing human ears on the back of a mouse to now growing human organs inside a pig. American medical forays into this science is in the early stages, but in another 50 years it could be status quo to receive a new human liver grown inside a pig.



For that matter human organs will no longer be on a waiting list if this becomes a reality. The question is how does the Creator feel about man tinkering with genes and splicing them with other animals, or even mankind? If ancient accounts are authentic The Most High was none to happy with tinkering with genetic code. If the hybridization of man and angel was an abomination then what is the penalty for animals and man? The above video will give you an insight into the future of pigs and man. In the future it might be a crime to eat bacon because it could be considered cannibalism. I could not live in a world like this!

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