Newly Discovered Dead Sea Scroll Cave #12 Yields Nada

Newly Discovered Dead Sea Scroll Cave #12 Yields Nada

Hebrew University archaeologist were elated when they (re) discovered the 12th Dead Sea Scroll cave. It has been over 60 years since any new scrolls were discovered. Sadly, after the archaeologist meticulously combed through the cave it yielded zero scrolls. The archaeologist realized they were not the first people to rediscover the cave because looters involvement. As a result cave number 12 will most likely yield ancient fragments, but the scrolls would have been a major score.



This does show us the Essene sect took special care to distribute sacred writing through the Dead Sea cave system. Most of the time ancient writings are fragmented in their storage and are subsequently synthesized into one book. Most likely there are other caves hiding the secrets of men who practiced the teachings of Christ. In the end this is another major find and only strengthens the validity of the existence of the Essene sect.  

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