Fake News Much? Old UFO Video RESURFACES as NEW

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It is time to call out these websites and YouTube Channels promoting false news. These sites are nothing more than “click whores” who bait their stories with false titles and/or content. The UFO video titled, “TODAY! UFO 2017 CAUGHT ON TAPE” is nothing more than a I video I saw over 10 years ago! If memory serves me correct it was then being marketed as being filmed at an Italian airport. These are the sites and channels you need to turn away from because this IS fake news.



In my opinion, and when I originally saw the video TEN YEARS AGO, I believed I was witnessing man made technology that was being tested. Many UFO sightings are probably not so secret technologies being tested. This was also before CGI was ubiquitous so it is probably real. It is just not a true UFO!

Michael Erevna, is Editor-in-chief of RevelationNow.net

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