Land of the Lost: Scientist Discover TIME Crystals!

Land of the Lost: Scientist Discover TIME Crystals!

It is funny how popular culture television shows like Sid and Marty Krofft’s cult classic “The Land of the Lost” is the conceptual forerunner of ground breaking scientific discoveries. Scientific circles are celebrating the mind boggling discovery that “time crystals” are a new form of 4D matter. The atomic properties of time crystals allow the oscillation of them to exist in the past, present, and future of time…simultaneously. They also can react much later after oscillation and they have been likened to “shaking a bowl of Jello” only to witness the Jello jiggling much later than anticipated.



In the Land of the Lost the highly advanced reptilian character, Enik the Altrusian, explained to open a portal, the crystals need to be arranged in a special sequence and the formula is very complex requiring complete concentration. Enik explained to the humans he did not know the crystal combination to their world. Scientist are finally learning the power of the crystal the ancients already knew. Some say the Pyramid of Giza’s capstone was a giant pyramid shaped crystal. Science has now proven the unique properties of crystals allow it conceptually to operate as did the crystals in the Land of the Lost.



Sid and Marty Krofft, were ahead of their time illustrating the properties of time crystals. Once the crystals are activated they oscillate without an energy source. Is it possible crystals can be arranged to open portals through time where human flesh can transverse the Universe? Although science now has a rudimentary understanding of time crystals, history has shown us applications will be following. The Bible tells us there is nothing new under the Sun and time crystals cannot be new. Ancient lore regarding Atlantis mention the power of crystals and crystal skulls have been discovered in Mayan archaeological digs.



I believe a field can be created using these crystals where organic matter will be able to travel. Perhaps, some secret orders have access to crystal secrets and it could be the reason “Mandella Effect” groups are gaining steam on the Internet? What we can be sure of if something is presented on television there is a good chance it will one day be a reality. We have experienced this with Star Trek technology and the modern day cell phone. Time crystals are an amazing discovery and if they become a reality in the area of applied science…only time will tell.

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