Men of Renown: Justice League Trailer

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The highly anticipated Justice League movie released the official trailer on Saturday to much fanfare. DC has a lot of making up to do when juxtaposed against Marvel comics cinema blockbusters. From the looks of the trailer they are on the right track. I would be remiss if I did not mention the Bible is the origin of super heroes and the most powerful is Jesus Christ himself. He could fly, teleport, shape-shift, create spontaneous matter, cheat death, cast out demons, see the future, read minds, speak any language, control of all physical reality, and command of angelic armies. If I left anything out please let me know!



The Bible is replete with men who possessed super human abilities from Nimrod, Sampson, and I even give David credit for a “laser” guided sling strike against a heavily armored giant. I say this to illustrate the fact all these super hero characters are not original concepts, but re-imaginations of characters from ancient times. Justice League is no different and looks like it will be a blockbuster for DC and the Lord knows they need it. Enjoy the trailer…

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