Men of Renown: Justice League Trailer

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The highly anticipated Justice League movie released the official trailer on Saturday to much fanfare. DC has a lot of making up to do when juxtaposed against Marvel comics cinema blockbusters. From the looks of the trailer they are on the right track. I would be remiss if I did not mention the Bible is the origin of super heroes and the most powerful is Jesus Christ himself. He could fly, teleport, shape-shift, create spontaneous matter, cheat death, cast out demons, see the future, read minds, speak any language, control of all physical reality, and command of angelic armies. If I left anything out please let me know!



The Bible is replete with men who possessed super human abilities from Nimrod, Sampson, and I even give David credit for a “laser” guided sling strike against a heavily armored giant. I say this to illustrate the fact all these super hero characters are not original concepts, but re-imaginations of characters from ancient times. Justice League is no different and looks like it will be a blockbuster for DC and the Lord knows they need it. Enjoy the trailer…

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  • MrSteven4one .

    I am such a sucker for these movies and I don’t know why. I am the middle boy of 5 boys. When I was young, I had to argue with all 4 of my brothers just to watch an episode or two of original Star Trek reruns. Not 1 of them had an ounce of science fiction blood in them. I remember there were times when I would act like I was sleeping and once everybody was asleep I would sneak into our small living room to watch Godzilla vs. Mothra, or Godzilla vs King Kong (volume very low as to not wake up my mom as she could hear a gnat hit a window-my brothers could sleep through a hurricane and once did). To this day when my brother Jim wants to make fun of me, he will throw up Spock’s “live well and prosper” hand V sign and yell, “Speak to the hand!”
    (Alright it still is pretty funny everytime he does it to me lol). Anyhoo, 4 other brothers and not one of them coud give a hoot about Sci-Fi. Of course I have a different take on it now, but still I wonder if maybe THEY were all adopted:D. Question for you Michael, the bible states that in the end times, it will be as in the days of Noah. Do you think we will see Giants, like in the days of Noah, if indeed we are close to those end times? God Bless…

    • I do not think the giants will be physical…in the Book of Enoch, it said when the offspring of the Nephilim died they became demonic spirits…if anything there should be an uptick in possessions where the possessed demonstrate amazing strength. A LOT of folks are capitalizing on this subject matter to enrich themselves, but where is the Biblical evidence they will be physical?