Spiritual Warfare: Black Magick Placed On Your House?

Spiritual Warfare: Black Magick Placed On Your House?

We live in a time when America is no longer a Christian Nation and that means spiritual warfare skills are not just a luxury, but a must! I listen to the synchronicity manifesting in my daily life and keep mental notes and I am aware of their association to different situations in my life. I will tell you all emphatically that I know for a fact some of these alternative Christian personalities are not just: con men, liars, hucksters, and posers; but warlocks and witches using Scripture as the bait in the bottom of their cauldrons. When their empires of gold and silver are threatened they place curses on people using black magick. Some of them even promote rituals which include throwing dirt over their shoulder and they practice the occult principle of the power of three. This is where they make statements three times in a row.



I am not going to name names in this post because of legalities and it is very difficult to prove spiritual things in a physical court. If you are a student of the teachings in the Bible and you have studied the occult as a result of reverse engineering what is done in plain sight. Then you are not just aware, but you realize there is a cabal of not just popular culture occult mega practitioners, but also alternative Christians practitioners as well. You know them by their attitudes and disposition when questioned about their shenanigans, as they parade around as “watchmen” on the wall. Instead of practicing what they preach they point out Scripture you should follow, but do not follow it themselves. Common sense should tell you what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

There is far too much synchronicity for me to ignore this and not warn you to actively pray and what to pray, in order to protect yourself, family, friends, and community from black magick. Before my lady passed away (and I will never forget this) she was on a Spanish speaking telephone prayer line. There were many people on this line receiving prayers from a Pastor with vision into their lives. When he got to my lady, he said he could “see” a disease growing in her chest, lo and behold the breast cancer, was growing outside of her chest wall! He said, “This disease is growing all over your chest,” and he prayed against the disease. Then he said something I think about frequently, he said, “I see someone has placed black magick on your house.”

He prayed against the black magick and my lady got off the phone and immediately shared her prayer line experience with me. I immediately was suspicious of who did this and over time I payed attention to the clues. Now I believe, I know who they are and I will not name them, but I know. One of the clues came before her death where a Facebook acquaintance shared with me a member from the “watchmen” camp was a “Christian” who was performing black magic on an Indian reservation. The person who informed me challenged him as a Christian performing black magic and he was ostracized. I never heard from him after that, but I did learn the Christian black magick practitioner died a year later. Another one of the semi-popular “Christian watchmen” incorporates numerology into his business dealings and threatens people who question his “anointing” with lawsuits and spiritual damnation.



I have learned there is a powerful witch operating behind him and this explains why he is able to operate after breaking so many Federal laws. One of his victims is on their case like Angela Lansbury, in “Murder, She Wrote” on a can of Red Bull; and she has a smoking gun list of his occult connections including: numerology, spells, rituals, and suspicious family deaths. It was explained to me from a ritual perspective, “the initiated death of a male member is matriarchal and the male energy is split into threes and bonds into the surviving one.” If you truly believe men imbued with the Holy Spirit would act like angry mob bosses when challenged, then you do not understand the Holy Spirit. These men and women in this circle have turned Christ into a product driven by fear and black magick. They curse you in a way that if you do not address the exact words used to curses you, it will stick. They understand more about the spirit world than most and if you are a lazy prayer warrior you will be inundated with negative spirits.



They will not even target just you, it might even be your wife or husband, or even your children! They will even pray deceit into the hearts of your friends and family that are not protected, to turn on you. They will use them as agents of their occult agenda in order to attack you. Sometimes the world is not against you, but people become puppets controlled by spirits. I have experienced this myself and I know it is real. I will always wonder if a spiritual hit was placed on the mother of my three sons. I became a target when I decided to spread Truth and plant seeds in the garden of the Kingdom. I now know my enemies are limitless and my only protection is through prayer to the Throne of the Most High. These witches fear anyone who truly submits their will to the Most High because his Power dwarfs their cadre of lesser spirits. If you do not think any of this is possible I suggest you read the Book of Job.



Witches operate in a circle for a reason because without it they would all be injured, if not murdered. They need protection from the very entities they are calling upon to attack us. These type of witches are not the earthy Wicca witches who are known for white magick, but witches that practice the dark arts, known as black magick. For black magick intentions, blood is required because words without blood are just words. Some of these “Christian” watchmen are really warlocks and witches disguised as Christians. They are alchemist who turn the emotional energy of fear into gold and silver. Christ demonstrated to us our bodies are temples which need to be clean to house the Holy Spirit. Fear is not a clean energy and opens you up to possession by negative spirits. Is it not ironic, all these men do is spread conspiracy theory; and the Bible says do not follow men like this nor fear what they fear!


"Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it." - Isaiah 8-12


The spells they have cast cause people to follow them even though they do not follow the Word! The people’s ears are itching and their spell is scratching them; and often times the scratch feels so good. Christianity is now a cult of personality where the person is revered higher than the Creator! They are allowed to create their own doctrine and people under the spell finance their fear and black magic driven ministries. There are many people living around you that follow them and many warlocks/witches nested in your communities. It is imperative you become a prayer warrior and send the magick back to them. The angels of the Most High are undefeated and kicked angels out of the Throne Room that will never return, because they have tried. Now they serve humans who provides worship energy to them.

I have friend who dreamed of one these “watchmen” was next to a women who looked 40 to 50 years old casting a spell on me. I am always cognizant of Acts2:17 – “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” I took heed of his warning because that was the third warning from an independent source. These witches and warlocks are angry and they demand blood…mine. I even had a “Final Destination” experience in my home where I slipped on a trash can lid and tore my quadriceps off my knee. I do not know if any of you have ever experience this type of injury, but I yelled, “Helppp” like I was in a war movie. When I healed I tried to recreate the accident and the trash can lid would no longer slide on the rug!



None of you have seen me in person, but I am considered “large” and I know how to handle myself. To be taken down by a trash can lid is quite odd. There are black magick spells to induce accidents and even death on their targets. I was lucky it was just an accident. I realized I have been surrounded by secretive jealous people who parade as students of the Bible, but their egos are the true drivers of their temple. You must protect yourselves because your enemies realize the tools of spiritual warfare are not bound by geography and their agents are like the men-in-black in the Matrix movie. If you are serving the Most High and promoting the values and ideals of Truth…you are a target. I suggest you open the Book of Psalms and you pray the appropriate ones daily.



I am convinced Satanism has infiltrated not just the mega-churches which I see as the oceans of the earth and the alternative media Christian ministries are like the lakes, rivers, and streams. The Word warns you not to believe what these conspiracy watchmen sell you under the umbrella of Christianity. If you trust them then you are not trusting Isaiah 8:12. If you are in a constant state of fear you are open for possession which will most likely lead to you parting with your money, in addition to extreme anxiety. If you question or challenge these warlocks and witches you will most likely end up with black magick on your house. Now that I have set up the framework for us versus them, let’s talk about how to not just fight back, but how to bind them on earth and in the Heavens.

Your first goal is to break all curses and counter act their spells keyword recipe and counter it word-by-word. These witches and warlocks use specific words to hex and vex. If they used a word like “memory loss” or “paralysis” or “pornography” you must counter these very words in your prayer. Praying against a curse takes repetition, word matching, and visualization through meditation. We must remember these fake Christian witches and warlocks are working daily to curse someone and fleece the gold from their bank accounts using emotional alchemy. They innocuously win people over as servants of the Most High by sharing small percentages of the monies with them, they con from their victims. I have always been perplexed by the Essene sect, who authored the Dead Sea Scrolls who stated, “There are certain planetary alignments to pray into.” Especially, since witches and warlocks wait on Saturn alignments to execute their spells. There is certainly something to this!



The Book of Psalms are your weapons of Spiritual warfare and you must know which arrow to use like Green Arrow drawing from his quiver. Each arrow has a specific purpose and some must be spoken three times a day, in some cases. The Lord has left us with spiritual karate and if used properly will squash any curse launched against, but the key is you have to say it, feel it and see it. Once you bind the curse sent to you it will be sent back to the sender and delivered by an angel of the Lord. Eventually, once these witches and warlocks realize you are a prayer warrior they will stop cursing you, because they are really cursing themselves. The Most High made us a promise when it comes to this and his contract is stated in John 14:13-14.


13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. - John 14:13-14


You better believe this works! Remember to pray with two or more and you will create a powerful prayer circuit! Below is a list of Psalms categorized by situation:


For a person who whishes greater spiritual awareness - Psalm 99

Before moving into a new home for luck and blessings - Psalm 61

For all your undertakings to be fortunate and advantageaus - Psalm 65

To have good luck in all you do - Psalm 57 

To change an unhappy situation into a happy one - Psalm 16

So daily needs can be obtained and avoid harm - Psalm 77

to rid yourself of strong negative influences - Psalm 19

to release from the heart deep seeded hate, envy and spite - Psalm 137

For defense against enemies, rivals and assailants - Psalm 3, 59, 70

For illness or bad health - Psalm 23, 35, 38

For thanksgiving or recovery from illness - Psalm 30

To bring peace or blessings to the home - Psalm 1, 128

For spiritual support in stress or affliction - Psalm 3, 25, 54

To bring harmoney between groups or people - Psalm133

To petition for material needs - Psalm 41

For trouble by slander - Psalm 38, 39

To receive grace, love and mercy -Psalm 32

To be respected and loved by others - Psalm 47

To protect against unjust slander - Psalm 36

So idle gossip will not harm you or cause agitation - Psalm 36

For protection from an enemy who will not leave you alone - Psalm 109

To free yourself from harmful or evil habits - Psalm 69

To reconcile with a enemy - Psalm 16

To overcome a enemy in a just manner - Psalm 70

To have more friends - Psalm 111

To keep the love of friends and acquire more friends - Psalm 133

To bring peace and harmony between families - Psalm 98

To do good and avoid evil - Psalm 87

To cast out evil influences from another - Psalm 29

For someone in prision to be released early - Psalm 26

To be safe from any planned robberies or danger - Psalm 50

For safety if traveling alone at night - Psalm 122

For a safe ending in your travels - Psalm 34

To be accepted, liked and respected by all - Psalm 47

To remove negative influences you feel around yourself - Psalm 10

To win a lawsuit if opposed by a unjust or revengeful person - Psalm 35

If appearing vefore a judge and want a favorable verdict - Psalm20

To receive justice and a favorable hearing from a lawsuit - Psalm 119

For anyone who drinks too much - Psalm 87

If the law is taking measures to punish you - Psalm 35

For reconciling between man and wife - Psalm 45, 46

For possession by an evil spirit - Psalm 66

To revenge yourself from secret enemies - Psalm 53-55

IF enemies caused you to lose money and be mistrusted - Psalm 41, 43 ( 3 times daily for 3 days with appropriate prayer to your situation) 

To overcome trouble and loss from business partners - Psalm 63

To make your home lucky - Psalm 61

To receive holy blessings - Psalm 62


These are weapons of mass destruction to lesser spirits and when they realize you are on to them they will flee. These fake Christian witches and warlocks have no scruples and it is apparent how they deal with adversity. It is easy to trick people when things are going well, but when you question them you will see their mask come off. Many other Christian sit on the fence and try to play the love card, but these people are not Christians and once their spell is broken you will see this. I heard a story about another person who broke away from their camp and their wife soon ended up in the hospital for weeks. Nothing is a coincidence when it comes to spirit because all things begin in spirit first. Many other people are starting to come around, but I was one of the first and it took years before others caught on. In the meantime, many took the bait and cast aspersions on my character. My only “agenda” was to promote the Spirit of Truth and it might be the reason I lost my lady. I look forward to meeting her again and finding out the truth. As wise people say, “Time will tell.”



In closing, many people adulate these fake Christian witches and warlocks because they are under a spell. How can they not be when Isaiah 8:12, tells you not to be taken in by conspiracy theory and to not fear what they fear. Yet, people tune in daily for their daily dose of fear and spin these witches and warlocks snatch from the mainstream news. If you want to understand how alchemy works just tune in and listen. During the show will be an overture for a way for you to spend your money driven by fear. The spirit of fear is not even from the Most High according to 2 Timothy 1:7, where He says, “7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” These folks are occult practitioners who learned Scripture and how to say, “Ladies and Gentlemen” to give them the air of decorum. While their hearts are blacker than the tents of kenar.



In reality, before and after their shows, they cast money spells on their listening audience. Psychologically, when people learn these fake Christians are evil, it is very difficult for them to shun their idols, because they know it is an indictment against their own discernment. So they fight to rationalize the witches or warlocks behavior until they cannot anymore; yes it is truly a process that causes: disbelief, anger, and depression. How can anyone who claims they love the Lord, regularly promote conspiracy theory when the Lord says do not do it? At the end of the day, Truth will prevail because there is an awakening gripping the minds of people of the earth. You will either choose Love or Fear. Once you realize what is happening start praying daily because your enemies are cursing you daily. Amen.

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