Where’s the PINK?

Where’s the PINK?

The “pink” moon, came and went, the night of April 11, 2017, and it was quite underwhelming. Frankly, it looked like any other regular full moon and there was no pink tint at all. After breaking the telescope out and attaching the camera all I came away with was I need to clean my mirror and lenses. I have seen other pictures of the “pink” moon and I do see the pink tint; and I can only wonder if Photoshop is involved in the pinkness! From my vantage point all I could tell was the moon was there and not much more.


Play to hear the soundtrack for my experience with the “Pink” moon.


The Pink moon is the full moon that appears in April. The name is connected to the herb moss pink, or wild ground phlox, from ubiquitous flowers of the spring.

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Michael Erevna

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