Bearing False Witness Much? Serena Williams is PREGNANT!

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I never shared this information on before, but it is time to spill the beans. Years ago, I had an elderly woman in Florida email me about “seed of the serpent” research she wanted to share with me. We shared a series of emails where she would share videos, including Bible verses and soon she segued to Serena Williams. She declared Serena Williams is a man and she demanded I agree with her. I certainly did not agree with her and each email grew increasingly hostile from her, because of course Venus Williams is a man too! Ironically, this was all churned out under the umbrella of Bible Scripture and it got real racist fast. She declared if I did not agree with her we could not be friends!


A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will not escape. - Proverbs 19:5


I had to eventually block the belligerent “Christian” grandmother’s emails, but there are many lessons in this story. The first is the 9th Commandment in the Bible, “bearing false witness,” which essentially means lying about another person without careful review of the facts. This makes a Christian prejudicial and discriminatory, yet I witnessed many Christians sharing a video titled, “Irrefutable Proof that Serena Williams is a Man.” In this horribly racist video the female analyst measured Serena’s fingers and other bones on her body to declare she is a man. This video has over 400,000 views and now lo and behold, Serena Williams is pregnant.



Another apparent psychology is reflected with the tennis player Martina Navratilova, who was ranked number one in female tennis for over 6 years. The Christian culture could easily accept Martina was a dominate female tennis player without being accused of being a man. Is it not suspicious that Serena Williams being Black caused some Christians to easily accuse her of being a man and a conspiracy within her family to cover it up? Now that she is engaged to Alexis Ohanian, who co-founded Reddit, the rumors of transgenderism and bearing of false witness must be laid to rest.



The funny thing is when videos like this are made and debunked, no one apologizes. Christians who participated in the smear campaign against Serena Williams by sharing videos like this should be ashamed of themselves. Being “saved” is not a license to harm another person in any way. That is not the Holy Spirit at work in your temple! That just means and I paraphrase from the movie, The Help, “You is mean, you is rude, you is not anointed.” I had an angry Christian message me once and say, “You are a public figure and that makes you open to criticism.” It does not say that anywhere in the Bible, but it is evident spiritually dysfunctional Christians are a blend of Scripture and deeply rooted psychosis.


A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will not escape. - Proverbs 19:5


In closing, YouTube is replete with videos “proving” Serena Williams is a man, yet she is about to push a baby through her birth canal. Many of these dysfunctional Christians like the angry racist grandmother do not even have the character to apologize. They slandered the William’s family and bear false witness by sharing post and videos she is a man. I am proud to my stick my guns when it comes to the Spirit of Truth and many of you people out there better get right with Scripture and start living it instead of just talking it.

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  • Wayne Stearns

    You literally mention a handful of people who believed this nonsense and then proceeded to scold a more wider audience of people who had nothing to do with it. I’ve also noticed you have been throwing around the pointless, outdated, and divisive “racist” term alot recently. Have you been paying attention at all? The majority of racism I see comes from non-white races, but we aren’t allowed to talk about this. But 1 elderly grandmother (remember the elderly grew up in a different time than you and I and may still have some prejudices) is pretty much irrelevant. How a single person lives or feels doesn’t matter to me, and you will never change their minds. You also speak in many articles about judgment, but you seem to be alot more judgmental yourself lately. I recognize that our Creator will be the one who judges and everyone else is free to live their own live as they see fit (as long as they don’t harm others).

    I really used to love your site, but the past few months your articles seem to have gotten more and more off message. Why even write this article? Becuase 1 old lady in Florida thinks Serena is a man….who gives a crap. We got transgender men competing in women’s sports around the world and being called brave. Why don’t you write about something more important like the conflating of sexes and how God created man and women period. I used to see discernment from the most High in your writing, but it doesn’t seem to come across as much these days.

    • Hi Wayne,

      More than happy to address your comment. First, and as always I write from my personal experience. Did you assume I just pulled the “wider audience” out of the air? I know exactly what I am talking about because I am the authority of my experiences, and not you. Second, I am not “throwing around the pointless, outdated, and divisive “racist” term as you stated. Are you actually suggested there is no racism in the world? If you are you are not living in reality. You stated, “Have you been paying attention at all? The majority of racism I see comes from non-white races.”

      For racism to come from any other racial group in America, a time machine would be necessary and said racial group would have to travel back in time and start America; and become the power brokers of today. Racism comes from those in power. What you are seeing is the negative REACTION to that power. Everybody cannot be racist because that title goes to the ethnic group with the most power to oppress.

      If that statement you mind was remotely true there would be an equal playing field visible through out all systems in America. This is clearly not the case. Racism is alive and well in not just America, but throughout other countries as well. Being elderly does not preclude a person from having racism. Hate is timeless and permeates all generations.

      You do not seem to have your fingers on the pulse of reality when it comes to this topic. We are actually encouraged to judge correctly in the Bible. Just not hypocritically. It is only through our own judgement, we can separate ourselves from the things not of the Most High. Actually, it is the Creator who instructs us on how we should judge. We are not exempt from judging and Scripture tells us we will even judge the angels one day.

      All of my post are written in the Spirit of Truth and if you find any errors contradicting truth I am more than happy to correct them. You obviously have not seen the voluminous YouTube videos on the subject of Serena Williams being a man. Many Christians have chimed in she was in fact a man. Also, I suggest you actually learn who some of the other writers on this site are because I am not the author of them all.

      My discernment is just fine and like the Disciples I will continue to write about controversial subjects. I am not writing to be popular or make friends. I am writing in the Spirit of Truth and if you cannot handle it there are 30 million other sites on the Internet for you to visit. Godspeed.