Angel Battles Over Israel’s Dome of Rock?

Angel Battles Over Israel’s Dome of Rock?

We live in a time where CGI productions often masquerade as authentic encounters and many become viral stories. I am not sure if the following video is authentic, but it very well may be. In this video a group of people record an “angel” hovering over the Dome of the Rock. Suddenly, the “angel” darts above with tremendous speed and then you see 5 red orbs in the vicinity where the “angel” darted. The reaction from the people is amazement.



The question is: Is this video authentic and not CGI edited? I would be remiss if I did not mention Project Blue beam which is another plausible technology. Another curious factor is there is another video very similar to this recorded video filmed over the Dome of the Rock, years ago. The video is below is a comparison between the two incidents and you can see an illuminated object hovering over the Dome of the Rock and this one darts up in the air at tremendous speed. The only difference is it is a different shape.



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