Aasher’s Angels: Amazing Picture of “Guardian Angel” from Plane

Aasher’s Angels: Amazing Picture of “Guardian Angel” from Plane

This is an amazing story from an amazing seven year old boy who can see the spiritual realm as a result of being born when an extra chromosome. His name is Aasher Liles and he has Down Syndrome and a heart of gold. On a return flight to Houston, Texas, he borrowed his mother’s cell phone to take pictures through the plane’s window. Later his mother, Kerri Liles, was deleting pictures to make space on her cell phone and found the stunning picture.



She believes Aasher captured a picture of his guardian angel who appeared while the plane was experiencing turbulence. Aasher’s parents shared he regularly sees angels and flaps his arms to let his family know they are near. Aasher knew exactly where to point the camera and good luck explaining this picture away skeptics. It is clearly not a cloud and it is a humanoid shape; and it is huge. The Houston publication Chron.com was the first to report this story and it should be no surprise the story is going viral.



The spiritual realm is quite real and it is teeming with beings that would amaze the world. Many children designated as “special needs’ have extraordinary gifts and Aasher’s appears to be the ability to sense and/or see entities, including angels from the realm of spirit. It should be no surprise from a Biblical perspective because Psalm 91:11 states,“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

Ironically, I just penned a post using this very Psalm and lo and behold another angel story has manifest! They say it happens in “threes” so there must be another angel story on the horizon. If you do not believe in the supernatural I suggest you open your mind because more is going to manifest on the Earth in the near future. Lucky for Aasher he is surrounded by lots of love with his parents and the angels who guard him!

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