The World is MORPHING into the IMAGE of the Baphomet

The World is MORPHING into the IMAGE of the Baphomet

The Bootleg King of the spirit realm is none other than the “God of this world” (Corinthians 4:4) and he has many names, but the commonly recognized one is Satan. Independent researchers identify him/her as the Baphomet and the image of him/her is the tell all. It makes perfect sense because from a spiritual perspective there is a clear dichotomy of the Kingdom of the Most High and the Kingdom of the God of this world. One created man into his image and charged him with the fiduciary duty to go forth and multiply…naturally. While the other God of this world is transforming man into his image…scientifically.

The beginning of all things is spirit and we are witnessing the manifestation of the Baphomet into the physical realm. Psychology of man had to be adapted in order for the Baphomet to become adopted by mankind. Is it not troubling the adversary of the Most High’s image is becoming the ubiquitous norm in the United States? Many psychological approaches were used to propel the Baphomet thought paradigm as a socially accepted norm. One of the most troubling was the LGBT movement comparing themselves to former slaves in America. This pseudo psychology allowed the LGBT movement to garner sympathy although the Civil Rights Act of 1965 already protected them.



Television is an important conditioner to influence the hearts and minds of the observer. Soon after the Federal Government overstepped the States authority and legalized gay marriage television productions exploded with LGBT themes and content. Ironically, it took over 40 years before a Black person appeared on television while they were still dealing with Jim Crow laws in the Southern States, prior to Civil Rights. The LGBT movement passed “Go” and received their $200 dollars and moved directly into Park Place. This was all part of a plan and here we are now.



Man is now operating in the image of the Baphomet and the masses are none the wiser. The modern churches have produced people who appear to be alive, but they are spiritually dead. Only a spiritually dead mind would idly watch as the Lord’s Creation is perverted and transformed into the image of the Baphomet. With all this being said, let’s take a look at the Baphomet and observe the physical characteristics of the Baphomet. We must remember we are dealing with spirit and the picture of the Baphomet represents what manifest in the physical realm. These are energies which fuel the physical body and the Baphomet makes it clear there are two in one body.

It is important to note The Most High created man and women to merge in order to create one flesh. He did not put woman inside man because he has done this with some of his Creation in the Animal Kingdom. Here uni-sexual beings can create life without sexual reproduction or intervention. The Baphomet is energy perversion loaded into the bodies of the spiritually dead. The Baphomet has the breast of a woman and the penis of a man. In essence the Baphomet is the poster child for the transgender movement without the goat head.

Natural marriage between a man and a woman went down without a shot being fired or a whimper. The duality of energy unbalance requires a re-balancing because this is the immutable law of the Creator. This means the LGBT movement has an expiration date and is not under the law of natural Creation. This is an aberration which was engineered through mankind and is not spiritually endorsed by the Most High. The Baphomet seeks sexual connection with male and female because it operates as a free spirit completely separated from the mind of the Most High.

The Baphomet offers sensual rewards, but in the long run the collective civilization has a short shelf life. Every ancient culture that opened its borders to foreign nationals and LGBT lifestyles meets an inglorious end. There is a social mentality driving the LGBT movement, where a man removing his penis becomes National news. Prior to the mid 1970s the LGBT movement was classified as a mental disorder by the psychology industry. Why did this change? If I was to show up to work dressed as a “cat” would that not raise red flags?



Now there are people getting plastic surgery to look like cats. The door is now open for any psychological condition to be tolerated as long as it does not directly harm another. The caveat with this mind frame is transforming the tapestry of American culture into a menagerie of acceptable psychosis. This also speaks to psychosis of the Baphomet and the “Fallen” angels because they too suffer with Dissociative Disorder. They have passed their own disorders through mankind and the spiritually dead are nothing more than conduits for their disorders. Those who are spiritually alive “see” and “hear” this disorder while compassionately recognizing the unfolding of disorder.



Make no mistake about it, the Baphomet is evidence of the spiritual underpinning driving the LGBT movement. The only recourse of this movement is to destroy the church or join the church under new tenets. If you do not understand spirit this will make no sense to you, but if you do you will see the “God of this world” is in fact operating in plain view with great fervor. It is no coincidence the Baphomet is transgender and there is national marketing campaign to increase the circle of influence. All of this is targeted at the children and more cases of children demanding sex changes are the new norm. Is the Baphomet winning this war for souls of mankind?

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