Google Has Us Under ILLEGAL Surveillance!

Google Has Us Under ILLEGAL Surveillance!

Google is the monster of not just the Internet search space, but has a diverse portfolio in cutting edge software, robotics, and satellite imaging, etc. I believe we can now add illegal surveillance because after speaking with a friend many other people have experienced the same phenomenon. The common theme is if you are near your computer and you mention something you are interested in and suddenly Google ads appear representing exactly what you spoke of!



If this is not an invasion of privacy then I am the sexiest man alive with abs of steel (if you could see me you would immediately get it). I am not the only one who has experienced this on many occasions, so this clearly establishes a pattern. This also means Google is listening in on our private lives and this should not be a shock because in November of 2014 a story came out titled, “Google’s secret NSA alliance”

outlined the fact Google shares collective data with NSA. This violates the 4th Amendment for US citizens clearly making this alliance unconstitutional. How is it possible so many people have the exact same experience? Where they are sitting near their computer mention something they are interesting in seeing and suddenly Google advertising matching their speech criteria post to the page!

All of this is quite Orwellian with the only difference being it is done in secret without the dystopian elements. The new smart televisions are also watching us and listening to our daily lives. As a professional software database developer I can tell you audio keyword searches are a snap. Data warehouses most likely store flagged conversations and you have seen how easy it is for law enforcement to share your Internet search history. The terrifying part of what Google is doing is secretly surveilling our private lives. Proving this would be the biggest class action suit in American history!

I submit, Google is also profitting off this secret technology by sharing our buying preferences with third party vendors. When is enough, enough? Terrorism has opened the door to the Orwellian Age and Google is the Pied Piper of this Age. Be careful what you say in front of the television and any computer!

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Michael Erevna

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