Katy Perry: Normalizing the TRANSGENDER Dissociative Identity Disorder on SNL

Katy Perry: Normalizing the TRANSGENDER Dissociative Identity Disorder on SNL

So the full court press is on so the world will accept men running around the Earth dressed up like women…as normal. Katy Perry has taken the torch and sprinted to SNL showcasing a circus act of men dressed as drag queens. This is another blatant exercise to condition the masses this is normal behavior without any psychosis. Katy Perry is another poster child for the occult agenda and she is pushing it along with transgenders from every ethnic origin.

The music production is catchy and reminiscent of 1980’s techno rap music and Katy Perry belted out lyrics not appropriate for children, yet she featured a child dancer. Psychology, she just influenced children in that age bracket and normalized grown burly men wearing bright blue eye shadow, eye lashes, and beards. This gaggle of transgenders traipsed around the stage in dresses, night gowns, and other avant garde fashions.



The goal is to turn the masses into a tolerant audience of this attire and lifestyle while infusing it with callback music. Meaning the psychology will be subconsciously effected when you hear Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” song. The millennial generation is the target for transgender transformation while Baby Boomers and Generation X were conditioned for tolerance. This is nothing more than the world being transformed into the Baphomet.


A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.

- Deuteronomy 22:5


We are in a spiritual war for our souls and flesh is the mechanism which drives change in the material world. Spirit is not of the material world and it has more power than physicality, but it needs to be disconnected in order for carnal desire to prevail. If it feels good do it is the mantra of the material world and every disassociative identity disorder is driven by this element. Spiritual laws and principles are not marketed by celebrities like sex, drugs, and a freestyle lifestyle devoid of spiritual elevation. This power must be removed in the mist of the Satanic Kingdom. We are under siege as a spiritual people and as our moral fabric is torn away we become nothing more than pawns of pleasure or those who tolerate it.



Many people have argued The Old Testament is outdated and needs to be changed, however, The Most High’s Word is immutable and was designed to preserve those nations who followed it. He provided social and behavioral laws to keep Spirit first. What we are seeing is confusion marketed as normal. The LGBT folks represent less than 4% of the United States population, but their influence is now marketed in every facet of the media. This is known as propaganda and part of the Aquarian Conspiracy which is no longer a “conspiracy.” America has been taught tolerance which is synonymous with turning the head away from danger. America grew into a Super Power while steeping itself in Biblical values and now we are declining into a Nation of psychological cases taking over the mainstream. Swish Swish Bishes…

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